I’ll Have What She’s Having!

I'll have what she's having

How’s your movie memory?

This line was from “When Harry Met Sally” in that now famous restaurant scene.

Remember it?

The hilarious scene when the lady at the next table after watching Meg Ryan’s fake orgasism says to the waiter…

“I’ll have what she’s having…”

Well that line also applies to your marketing future!

Let me explain…

If you saw the following:I'll have what she's having

A lady you know making thousands of dollars with no products of her own

That same lady getting lots of sales done for her – she never even talked to anyone!

Your lady friend earning great money even whilst she was sleeping.

And finally your friend had a mentor who guided her past all the mistakes so many others made online.

If you saw this I bet you would say…

“I’ll have what she’s having too”


And you can.

No fake organisms – just the truth

Now follow Sally’s lead and you’ll have whatever you want!

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Peter Beckenham

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  1. Hi Peter,
    I agree that you can cut out lots of mistakes and heartaches if you get yourself a mentor. The day I invested in a mentor, I realised I had been wasting my time before, trying to figure out things for myself.

    • Hey Brian. Great to have you visit mate and thanks for your honest and open comment. Like you it took me some time to realize what was missing in my online marketing. Finally it dawned on me that I was not “the font of all knowledge” and more importantly I finally acknowleged the need for someone to hold me accountable for my actions even on a daily and weekly basis. Looking back is easy to see how much I needed a mentor but it really took for forever to get that simple yet vital message through my thick skull! Lets hope I am more effective in advising others than I was in advising myself. LOL

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