What is Your Target Market?

Many online (and offline) marketers THINK they know their target market/audience but do you really?

Could you answer honestly what the 3 biggest issues/challenges/problems facing your specific niche market are?

Target Market

More importantly, do you know if they have solved these issues because if they have then maybe it will not be a profitable niche for you.

There is no magic to this process. Check out this quick video

At the bottom of this post, I have provided a link to a simple 3-page report that will give you the key questions you will need answers for.

It will take a little time and some research but this step could literally save you hundreds if not thousands of hours and dollars.

Before you can create anything for a niche you MUST know and understand them – NEVER assume you know it all.

So please never ignore this step whenever you are deciding to go into a new market/niche. Doing this essential yet relatively easy research will help you decide if the particular target market is a viable and profitable one for you.

Want Your Own Copy of The Key Questions?

Target Your Customers - Arrows Hit in Red Mark Target.If you want a copy of the key questions you need to ask then simply click this link for an instant download of How To Really Identify Your Target Market

Enjoy and please tell me in your comments below how you used this resource to improve your marketing potential.



Peter Beckenham

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  1. Hello Anna. Its amazing just how many people online simply try the approach of “one size fits all”. They would never do this if they were running an offline business as common sense would tell them that setting up their “exclusive fashion” shop in a very poor part of the city just isn’t going t work!

    People need to understand WHO their target market, WHERE do they live? WHAT do they do?, WHERE they may hang out online? WHAT are their major challenges or problems? etc. Getting to really know and understand your prospective “ideal” customer will then make it easy for you to come up with a solution to their “problems, pains or frustrations”. Then you simply focus on promoting your unique solution to that specific target market. To be totally frank with you this is the simple secret of success but is far too often ignored by online marketers because they are too lazy to do the initial market research…and then they wonder why they are failing!

  2. Thank you for your target market document! It asks several additional questions than what I typically use for such analysis. I’ve also been sticking with niches that I’m already very familiar with – for example, a lot of my internet marketing projects revolve around health and fitness, since I run often and have started training for bodybuilding. It is easy to know how to market materials when I’m my own target demographic! I am eager to branch out though, and with such a guide I can be sure I’m not missing any key points to consider in my marketing.

    • Hi Olivia,
      Delighted you found value with the “Target Marketing” post. Sticking with a niche that you know and understand is fine especially if you can add value and build relationships in that niche. This is the basis of any good business. The post will give you some ideas about how to “branch out” as well if that is what you desire to do – so good luck with your marketing and please let me know if there is anything further I can help you with.

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