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This is the FIRST ever webinar I created a few years ago. If I looked a bit star-struck then you know why!

I really enjoyed doing the research phase for these “Cool FREE Tools” and I hope you find these resources helpful and of some help.

The webinar goes for about 40 minutes so please put aside some time when it's convenient for you.

Either now or later because I know you'll get some real benefits from what I discovered for you.

Cool Free ToolsStill Stumped for Ideas?

I realize there are some fabulous paid tools available and as a guide you usually get what you paid for both online and offline. However, I think I have found some extremely valuable resources you can access for free.

Here's three extra “Cool Free Tools”

  1. I recommend you give Hubspot’s Free Blog Topic Generator a whirl.

Simply add a few nouns that describe your content areas and it’ll spit out a week’s worth of post ideas.

I put in the words “retargeting” “marketing” and “profitable” and got the following:

Think You're Cut Out For Doing Retargeting? Take This Quiz

15 Best Blogs To Follow About Marketing

Why We Love Profitable (And You Should, Too!)

7 Things About Retargeting Your Boss Wants To Know

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Marketing

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2. Here's a way to create some cheeky content title ideas as well as some clever Tweets – check out Portent's Content Idea Generator 

Cannot guarantee the quality of the tweets but you'll have some fun trying out this software! Have fun

3.  Having trouble writing your business plan? 

Enloop offers a step-by-step guide  for entrepreneurs and creates customised business plans ready to be shared at any time.

The “Free & Easy” plan allows your startup to create one business plan, generate three-year financial forecasts, rate your performance in real-time and tie everything together in a professionally formatted document.

There you go – hope you got some valuable ideas and tools from this post. Please let me know in your comments below and share what free tools you have found to be of help. 

If you would like a copy of the links I mention throughout the webby then click the “Your FREE Resources Link” below – enjoy 

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