Cool Free Tools

Cool Free Tools

This is the FIRST ever webinar I created a few months ago. If I looked a bit star-struck then you know why!

I really enjoyed doing the research phase for these "Cool FREE Tools" and I hope you find these resources helpful and of some help.

The webinar goes for about 40 minutes so please put aside some time when it's convenient for you.

Either now or later because I know you'll get some real benefits from what I discovered for you.


Cool Free ToolsStill Stumped for Ideas?

I realize there are some fabulous paid tools available and as a guide you usually get what you paid for both online and offline. However, I think I have found some extremely valuable resources you can access for free.

Here's three extra "Cool Free Tools"

  1. I recommend you give Hubspot’s Free Blog Topic Generator a whirl.

Simply add a few nouns that describe your content areas and it’ll spit out a week’s worth of post ideas.

I put in the words “retargeting” “marketing” and “profitable” and got the following:

Think You're Cut Out For Doing Retargeting? Take This Quiz

15 Best Blogs To Follow About Marketing

Why We Love Profitable (And You Should, Too!)

7 Things About Retargeting Your Boss Wants To Know

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Marketing

      Take This 30 Second Quiz to Financial Freedom!

2. Here's a way to create some cheeky content title ideas as well as some clever Tweets - check out Portent's Content Idea Generator 

Cannot guarantee the quality of the tweets but you'll have some fun trying out this software! Have fun

3.  Having trouble writing your business plan? 

Enloop offers a step-by-step guide  for entrepreneurs and creates customised business plans ready to be shared at any time.

The “Free & Easy” plan allows your startup to create one business plan, generate three-year financial forecasts, rate your performance in real-time and tie everything together in a professionally formatted document.

There you go - hope you got some valuable ideas and tools from this post. Please let me know in your comments below and share what free tools you have found to be of help. 

If you would like a copy of the links I mention throughout the webby then click the "Your FREE Resources Link" below - enjoy 

      Click Here For Your FREE Resources Link

Your Turn

I know how busy you must be so many thanks for your comments.

Do you have any questions from the webinar?
Always happy to help so just leave your questions/queries in your comments below.
Care to share what free tools have you found helpful? 

Peter Beckenham

I'm an Aussie entrepreneur who lives and runs his internet marketing business from a remote Thai village. Like you I was overwhlemed and confused when I first started online but I've worked out how to ethically make money online. If you enjoyed this post then SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG COMMUNITY where you will get lots more information about how to make internet and affiliate marketing work for you.

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  1. Hi Peter, thank you for a highly informative Free Cool Tools video. There are some excellent tools you shared – I was only vaguely aware of Mailchimp and Animoto. I have used Jing but everything else is all new information. I really appreciate the time you put into researching and sharing this.

    Best wishes mate


  2. Thanks for sharing…… I really liked this article …. I hope this is a best post i was seen……….
    I like the way you mentioned another source of content is Google Alerts. That one I do use all the time and I use those latest updates for my content on my blog as well as my email list. It is great to use because we can get the “latest news” and share it with our readers.

    Great work!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Peter,

    Thank you so much for these wonderful set of tools, and for the time you’ve put into your video.

    Here are some more tools that can help:
    Best times to schedule posts to Twitter:
    Popular hashtags for Twitter:
    Share other’s post and receive referral traffic to your own site:
    Test your topic titles with:

    I hope these links add value to your post here.
    Artice Upchurch recently posted…Get Your Start-Up’s IT Right The First TimeMy Profile

    • Hello Artice and welcome to my place,

      I’m delighted you found some real value in my webinar about “Cool free Tools”

      Many thanks for your very kind words and for the extra tools you have recommended – awesome information.

      I’ll definitely be checking them all out as they sound very interesting and helpful.

      Great to have your visit ad feedback Artice – come back again soon OK?

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Email Deliverability: The Ultimate GuideMy Profile

  4. Good post. I do perceive the focus to be a bit narrowed to how or whether to engage negative comments from a tangible consumer of goods or services from your company or entity. What if such comments come from a disengaged party?

    I just deleted a comment on a video I boosted on Facebook from one of my local bands. This was from an individual that was a friend of a friend, had likely never heard of us prior to viewing the video, and likely is not going to check back to see whether his comment is still there. In this case, I had no relationship to maintain or repair, and was more concerned about maintaining a positive brand presence as this band, which currently is at just under 300 “likes”, is trying to increase its reach.

    I think we’re both right in our respective scenarios, but I do believe context needs to be assessed…. “customer is always right” didn’t apply in my case, in my opinion.
    janny recently posted…Smart Video Metrics Review – DISCOUNT & HUGE BONUSMy Profile

    • Hi Janny and welcome to my place,

      I tend to agree with you and really the customer is NOT always right!

      As the blog owner you have every right to discard any comments – positive or negative.

      And for sure never feel obliged to respond to extremely negative comments from people who spend time simply bad-mouthing other people’s blog posts just for the “thrill of it”. Don’t waste your time or feelings with these types of morons

      Best wishes and thanks from the remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Know, Like, Trust – Simple Success SecretsMy Profile

  5. What are the best tool for digital marketing now in 2016? because Google became very strict and going to hit all websites who used tactics that trying to boost rankings that comes from irrelevant links..

    • Hello and welcome Pranay,

      Thanks for your visit to my place. Can I please ask you how you found me as there are so many blogs online?
      I’d love to know as that would really help me with my blog promotion work.

      So pleased you found some value in my Cool Free Tools webinar – it was my very first attwempt and boy it shows. But the content is fine!

      Hubspot is a fantasitc tool for topic generation that’s for sure.

      Thank you again Pranay and come back again soon OK?

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…15 Smart Ways to Promote Blog PostsMy Profile

    • Hello there Himanshu and welcome to my place,

      I’m glad you found the Cool Free Tools helpful and trhanks you so very much for being one of my regular readers.

      That meanhs a lot to me and I’m delighted Himanshu that you found the time to leave me a comment today.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…15 Smart Ways to Promote Blog PostsMy Profile

  6. Hello Peter,

    I used your suggestion and I’m checking out Portent. I put a keyword there and they suggested me some kind of funny ideas that made me laugh, but some were really potential. I think this helps me a lot about how to name the headline which I don’t have much experience.
    Enloop is good, I looked for a tool for this situation for a long time. Again, Thank you
    Hai Tran recently posted…List Building Strategies 101 : Which Email Service?My Profile

    • Hello Hai and welcome back mate,

      I’m glad you found my very first webinar helpful – it was a few monhths ago now but I still remember how nervous I was!

      However, the free tools I discovered have been very helpful not just to me but to many others who have checked out this very samew webinar.

      Enloop really is a great tool and I’m pleased you found it helpful.

      Hai in another comment you spoke about affiliate marketing. If you’d like me to give you what I regard is the very best way to become a profitable affiliate marketer then please just let me know in your comments. I have something that I regard as THE very best way to achieve real success as an affiliate marketer.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…15 Smart Ways to Promote Blog PostsMy Profile

    • Hello Sourav and welcome back my friend,

      Great to have you visit again and I’m glad you found the “Cool Frre Tools” webinbar helpful.

      By the way did you get my personal video that I sent you last week?

      My best wishes for your continued success and please ask me if there is anything I can do to help your progress online.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Your First Blog Post – Make It CountMy Profile

  7. Hey Peter,

    Thanks and appreciate your time and patience in posting the article. One of the effective ways to promote affiliate marketing. As a starter it’s happy for me to find such useful free tools that are created by expertise as you. It is so coll doesn’t require technical stuff to use them as these tools are user friendly.

    Thanks a bunch on this.Would like to hear more on the same.

    Have a delightful time!


  8. Hi Peter,
    I uses both the tools Moz and portent Content Idea Generator. But apart from them portent is best one to write extra ordinary and viral kind of title content writing. Moz tool just included some highly attractive keyword like “The 10 Biggest xxx”. for list this is ok. but if we writing study case or experiance then portent will be the best option.

    Thank Peter, I visited your site lot of time and commented as well. thanks again.
    ISeenLab recently posted…Kontent Machine Review – Tutorial & Special OfferMy Profile

    • Hello and many thanks for your visit with me Ashok,

      I love the Content Idea Generator as well but have not tried the Moz tool as yet. Thanks for the heads up here.

      I am delighted you have visited my blog many times – please make sure you subscribe with me so we can get connected. OK? I’d like that very much.

      Best wishes from Thailand and I’ll go and check out your latest post

      Peter recently posted…Affiliate Marketing – Profit By Not SellingMy Profile

  9. Hi Peter,

    I always like these types of posts.

    I mean who doesn’t love free tools.

    The Hubspot tool looks cool, so will probably add that.

    Google Alerts is another good one – I’ve been using it for a few years now.

    Tweetdeck is a great tool for folks who are in the Twittersphere

    For bloggers who create regular written content, I think Grammarly is a first class writing tool, even the free version. It won’t make bad copy good, but it can certainly contribute to the creation of a sweet blog post.

    The other day I installed a new Chrome plug-in called Writer. Writers can use it to format their articles or even blog comments like this one. I wouldn’t call it a must have tool, but so far it looks like a nice little addition to make the creation of content a tad easier.

    Thanks again Peter

    Kim Willis recently posted…6 Ways Your Website Can Generate More Leads and Sell Up a StormMy Profile

    • Hey Kim,

      Glad you liked the free tools mate and thanks a million for your useful additions – I just checked out your recommendation re the Chrome “Writer” plugin and it looks like it will be a really helpful addition.

      Apologies for all the issues we had with comments for this post – the dreaded “techo hangup” just got that bit worse for me. lol

      Best wishes from Thailand and as always thanks for your visit and great comment

      Peter recently posted…Are You Making These 5 Deadly Marketing Sins?My Profile

  10. Hey Peter,
    Congratulations on your webinar which was so well received. I picked up a lot of valid suggestions from your post, as well as from your commenters’ comments!

    I would say the time you spent on this research was worth it to you …. and to us, too, hahaha!

    I’m looking forward to visiting here again.
    Cheers to your next webinar!


  11. Hey Peter,

    I’m just now making my rounds to your blog and I don’t have the time right now to watch the entire webinar but congratulations on doing your first one as well. Great job and you didn’t look nervous at all.

    I did start watching it and got through the image part but will have to come back by and watch the rest perhaps this weekend when I have more time.

    I am familiar with the content generator sites, I’ve checked those out before so those were a great addition to this post as well.

    Sorry I don’t have the time right now but will be back around to check them out. Donna had mentioned a few she saw that she wasn’t familiar with so my curiosity has got me now.

    Hope you enjoy your week and thanks for putting this together for us.

    Adrienne recently posted…Special Announcement, Happy Birthday Wish, Your Holiday GiftMy Profile

    • Hello Adrienne and welcome back to my place…as you so kindly worded this before.

      Yes I do appreciate just how busy everyone is and that at 44 minutes a webinar within a blog post was something I will not try again.

      However, I got carried away doing the research and just wanted to share as much as I could with my readers.

      The content generator sites are fantastic but they still require us to ad our own bit of flair and unique spin on things to make sure we are providing something that is not just valuable but also different.

      I do hope your webinar went well as far as the follow up sales potential is concerned. John Corcoran was certainly a very good and relaxed presenter and the whole thing went really well despite the last minute hitches you guys experienced with the external site that took the regstrations for your webinar.

      My best wishes to you and your family for the festive season Adrienne.

      Peter recently posted…Cool Free ToolsMy Profile

  12. Hi Peter,

    I followed you here from my blog. I did not know until I watched your video on the home page here that you are also an Aussie. I guess you may not have picked up I am one either.

    Thank you for the free tool ideas. I like the idea of a blog topic generator as there are times when I am stumped.

    I only watched a little of your webinar but I would not have guessed it was your first.

    Nice to connect with you Perter.

    Have a wonderful day (from Noosa in QLD).

    Sue Price recently posted…Why Is Kalatu The Best Blogging Platform For You?My Profile

    • Hello there Sue and wecome to my place.

      Great to have you visit all the way from beautiful Noosa – wow that brings back some great memories for me!

      Glad you followed me back as I really enjoyed my time on your blog and plan to be a regular visitor for you.

      My webinar at 44 minutes is a bit long for a blog post I must admit but hopefully some folks will download it and watch at their leisure if they really want some great online marketing tools.

      My best wishes to a fellow Aussie and I also enjoyed connecting with you Sue

      All the best from a very hot Thai village that is just about to be swamped in rain!

      Peter recently posted…Cool Free ToolsMy Profile

  13. Hi Peter,

    For your first webinar you have done a fantastic job! There are so many free goodies here you have put together. I like newspeg…never heard of that one but I can see how it can come in handy when I’m staring at a blank page.

    Chatwing sounds amazing…I’m a huge social media buff and never heard of that one either.

    I like the way you mentioned another source of content is Google Alerts. That one I do use all the time and I use those latest updates for my content on my blog as well as my email list. It is great to use because we can get the “latest news” and share it with our readers.

    I’ve heard of some others you mentioned and all of this is amazing. I thank you once again and I will be sharing this right after I comment.


    • Hello again Donna,

      It’s always great to have you visit my place and I am excited that you found the time in your busy day to check out my webinar.

      The tools are all really helpful and I was happy to do the research and save my readers the time to look for things like this.

      In fact a bit surprised that many of these tools have never been seen by folks before so that thrills me as well as I bring them to my readers attention.

      Yes like you I’m a big user and believer in “Google Alerts” as it always gives me trending things to blog about – actually this webinar was a direct result of a google alert!

      Thank you again Donna – you’re visits are very much appreciated.

      Best wishes from a remote Thai village

      Peter recently posted…Cool Free ToolsMy Profile

  14. Hi Peter,

    You’ve shared some great tools here. As a cautionary note regarding Mailchimp, I’ve heard that they’re a good autoresponder but for anyone who’s in the Internet Marketing/MMO niche they’d do well to steer clear, as Mailchimp aren’t friendly towards that sort of thing.

    The tool that stood out to me wasn’t one that you mentioned on the webinar, rather it was Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator. As you know, I’ve created a blog post completely on-the-fly twice now, so coming up with ideas for content isn’t something I struggle with. Yet, coming up with good titles is something I can actually agonise over at times! But a great tool like this is sure to be helpful, so I’ve made sure to place it in my bookmarks for future reference.

    As for free tools I’ve found, there are too many to mention, but here are some gems I’ve found:

    XMind – People kept on recommending mindmapping and, for a while, it wasn’t something I could get myself into. But when I found XMind that all changed. For me, this is the easiest, most intuitive mindmapping tool I’ve found. Since then it’s proven to be an invaluable addition to my arsenal and I use it a lot for preparing things such as presentations and tutorials but also for actually using in presentations or videos too.

    VSDC Free Video Editor – This is a very powerful little video editor than can do so much. You can do many of the things that you would expect to be able to do with such a tool, but you can even do chromakey editing with it too! There may well be other free editors out there that do it, but I don’t know of any – this is the only free one I’ve ever come across that does it.

    Handbrake – Quite simply the best MP4 converter I’ve come across. Not only does it just work, it does its job very quickly instead of taking hours like some converters can do.

    Tweetdeck – I find this invaluable for managing my Twitter accounts. It gives me much more customisation and flexibility than the native Twitter interface. Many people recommend Hootsuite and I tried that first, but lasted about two minutes with it, if that – I hated it! But I took to Tweetdeck immediately. For me, a big selling point is how intuitive a thing is and Tweetdeck is exactly that.

    FeedReader – This is another example of a piece of software that helped me ‘get’ something I’d been struggling with. I kept coming across this “RSS” thing but couldn’t quite get my head around just what it was used for and what the point of it was for someone like me. Again, I tried many different readers but none of them helped. If anything, I just became more confused. But when I found FeedReadrer the penny finally dropped! Now it’s another invaluable piece of kit in my arsenal.

    As I said, I could list many more, but those are just a few of the free tools that I have come across and make good use of. I don’t really use VDSC because I have other software that does the job, but for anyone who’s looking for a good, free video editor then that one is a good one to take a look at.

    Thanks for the great post, Peter. Just as a side note, I wonder how many people will take the time to sit through the webinar? As great as it is, I wonder if most will end up skipping it? I don’t put a whole lot of video on my blog, but I’ve found that my video-based posts have usually been the ones with the least engagement. Personally (and I could be wrong!) I think that most blog visitors expect to be able to come to a blog post and spend no more than just a few minutes on it. If they see a video that’s longer than just a couple or so minutes, I think they may be inclined to not want to commit to spending that much time. It’s just a thought and I’d certainly be interested to hear what you find from your experience. 🙂

    Glenn Shepherd recently posted…6 Blogging Resources You Need to Visit TodayMy Profile

    • Hi Glenn and what can I say but thank you mate.

      What a fantastic list of additional “freebies” for people to check out and utilize. Greatly appreciate you sharing these with us Glenn.

      I appreciate and agree with your comment re MailChimp and the internet marketing space but for most other niches it still would be a great place to start – it was my first experience with autoresponders when we set up our blog for our Thai Silk Magic business and we’ve continue to use it ever since.

      THanks also for the heads up re the video – I thought the same re the length of 40+ minutes and really did not expect people to sit through it…rather they could just bookmark the post and share it with others if they felt it would be helpful and/or useful.

      My best wishes from Thailand Glenn – always great to have you visit my place.

      Peter recently posted…Cool Free ToolsMy Profile

  15. Hey Peter,
    The year is rounding up and I’m glad I’m here on your blog 😉

    I quickly jumped to hubspot’s tool as I’m excited about any one that helps in content ideas. You know even the toughest bloggers sometimes run out of ideas 😉

    I’ll surely be back to watch the video and thanks for the interaction on my blog.

    Hope you are set for a wonderful 2016
    Enstine Muki recently posted…How to transfer WhatsApp messages to new phone!My Profile

    • Well hello Enstine,

      What a real pleasure and a lovely surprise to have you visit with me – you just made my day mate!

      I’m glad you found the hubspot tool of help.

      As you are such an experienced and successful marketer I’m a little surprised that you had not seen that tool before so that’s great news.

      Actually I really enjoyed my experiences on your blog and realized just much much more I have to learn to make my blogging venture both productive and profitable.

      Thank you for your kind words of support – means a lot to me Enstine.

      Best regards from a Thai village marketer

      Peter recently posted…Cool Free ToolsMy Profile

  16. Hey Peter, great post! Really like the hubspot idea i’ll be giving this a whirl in the future for sure! Even the topic title generator is entertaining. Cheers

    • Hi Jennifer and welcome back to my blog.

      Always great to have your input and support. Glad you found these tools helpful – it was a lot of fun researching them actually and I hope it saves people lots of time and effort in their online endeavors.

      All the best

      Peter recently posted…Cool Free ToolsMy Profile

    • Hi Darja,

      Thanks for your kind and supportive comment – it did take quite some time to research these tools but the end result was really worth it.

      Not just for me but also for my readers who hopefully will now take advantage of some of these great resources.

      By the way Like you I also love Animoto!

      Best wishes from a very hot Thai village

      Peter recently posted…Cool Free ToolsMy Profile

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