Deadly Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Are you thinking about starting an affiliate marketing business or wondering why your affiliate marketing campaigns aren’t making you the money you hoped for?

Then this podcast is “right up your alley” – discover the deadly mistakes many affiliate marketers are making and learn how to correct and even avoid them. 

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For your interest here are the links to the major affiliate programs I mentioned in the podcast:

Your Turn

What have been your affiliate marketing experiences? Do you need  help with your affiliate marketing? Do you know how to maximize the retargeting opportunity with your affiliate marketing? Are you building your own email list? Need help with your email list building? Whatever your thoughts are please leave them below as your comments – others will definitely appreciate your challenges and I always answer every question.

Peter Beckenham

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  1. Well, right from the start I seemed to have a knack for the business. I loved to make money with organic traffic and I did well for a few years. Than I wanted to figure out this PPC stuff and that is when my entire confidence went down. I need to get that back and really get back into working hard, making money and being legit!

    • Hi Tanisha. Free or organic traffic can be extremely good but it takes a lot of time to build up. The big advantage of “paid” traffic like PPC or solo ads is that the results are almost instant. However, as you expressed in your comment you have to be extremely careful with any paid advertising strategy as you could literally lose your shirt – and everything else if you don’t get this strategy right. That’s not to say you should not use some form of paid advertising to promote your offer or your email list – just make sure you do due diligence on the provider and start small like a $5 a day Facebook promotion. Then if the results are acceptable scale up your promotions but always monitor very closely the results you are getting.

  2. Hi Peter,
    This is an excellent and educative podcast on Affiliate Marketing.

    Your first point, focus, is the key to making money with Affiliate marketing. I think that also applies to different ways of making it in life.

    Focus brings about skills and quality in results. When you focus on something, you know more about it and become an expert in it.

    Not building a list is a big mistake. Seeing what my list does, I think it’s one of the biggest assets in affiliate marketing. The more targeted your list, the more results you get

    I highly recommend listening to this podcast to discover these mistakes. Another way is to see them as what to do to make it in the business.

    I’m actually hanging on Google page #1 on position #1 for an interesting keyword and how I got here is by studying competition. At one point, I was on position 2 for a couple of weeks. Once I discovered the strong point of the guy on position 1, I was able to push him down.

    Anyone who follows this podcast and tries to to follow your will will definitely make it so thanks for taking the time to record it for us Peter.

    I hope you are having a wonderful week 😉

    • Hello Enstine. The podcast thing was new to me but I wanted to share some important affiliate marketing lessons I have learned the hard way – and writing it all down seemed like too big a task. Must be getting a bit lazy in my old age! Many thanks for your feedback mate and I am delighted you found some real value in the post. Care to share how you manage to get to position #1 on Google? Thats no mean feat in any niche so congrats my man.

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