Email Marketing Mistakes – A Grandfather’s Confession

Do I know you?  I mean who are you?

Hey sorry to appear rude but if you are watching or reading this you are probably on my mailing list

I know this video will offend many email marketers and you’ll never have seen anything like this confession before – but it’s the truth!

You see even though you are on my list, I don’t know very much about you.

Yes I know I should not be saying this but sadly it’s true not just for me but for many other email marketers.

But that’s all about to change!

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Peter Beckenham, a 70 year old Aussie grandfather who lives and runs a successful online business from a remote little Thai village.

You joined my VIP list for a reason – more than likely to find a solution to a problem you have.

But I still don’t know what your major problem or need is.

Yes, I tried to discover ways I can help you by encouraging you to complete surveys or reply to my emails with any questions you may have.

That gave me some general ideas but not nearly enough to be the help you need.

And perhaps you never even saw my emails inviting you to tell me what you needed most.

Whatever….one thing is very real to me now as an ancient email marketer.

Reaching your email inbox is always YOUR decision AND it’s always MY objective

confession timeOK Confession Time for Me:

Firstly perhaps I did not try hard enough to get to know you when you first joined my list. I was too busy building my subscriber list rather than building relationships with you.

Secondly I ASSUMED rightly or wrongly that most people on my list were interested in building an online business just like me.

Thirdly this assumption resulted in me providing lots of tips, techniques and tactics on topics and product recommendations that I THOUGHT you should know about…based purely on guesswork!

Fourthly I wrongly assumed that because you joined my list I had every right to have my emails arrive in your inbox.

Yes I now realize it’s a PRIVILEDGE NOT A RIGHT!

And the final outcome is I really have no clear idea of what sort of information you are looking for. I’ve just been sending WHAT I THOUGHT YOU WANTED

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

So there you have it – warts and all!

That's My Confession!

I offer no apologies for the truth


I am determined to make amends with you

This ancient Aussie marketer wants to earn your respect and become a trusted resource for you so that you’ll be excited to see my emails in your inbox.

You see I want to share in your success!

That would be priceless to me!

Now I realize I have to earn your trust to allow me to reach you with my emails…trust

But I strongly believe that once you see what I am willing to share your decision to allow me into your inbox will be an easy one to make!

You see I want to be of real value to you and be considered not only:

A valuable resource but also
A person you can relate to AND
A trusted Internet Marketing tour guide

I have so much experience to offer you and…

I know it’s almost impossible to succeed online on your own

But let’s stop for a moment…

If you are NOT trying to build a business online then really again you should simply unsubscribe because online marketing is all I will ever focus on.


If you are interested in building an online business in any market niche then I can DEFINITELY help you.

My emails are a mix of tips, tactics and techniques in my skills areas of:

List Building – Email Marketing
Traffic generation
Affiliate marketing
Video marketing
Product creation

PLUS there will be specific product recommendations that I have personally used and found to be of great help.

And of course I will earn money from any of my recommendations you decide to purchase but that’s always going to be your choice!

SO…is there any specific thing(s) would you like to know? Please give this some thought.

There are just so many things I am excited to share with you so let’s really get our email relationship going.


emailWhat happens next?

I want YOU to take 2 VERY simple steps to have access to all the valuable help I can give you.

Just 2 steps that will take you less than a minute!


Step 1. YOU look for my very next email in either your inbox or spam folder

My emails will come from “Peter Beckenham” 

Step 2. When you find an email from me open it and HIT the reply tab

And in your reply simply ask me anything you need to know about internet marketing OR just tell me you need help but don’t what exactly or even where to start.

It’s just the start of a conversation…so don’t stress about the words you use. OK?

Then that’s all you have to do – the rest is up to me!

You see this will TEST my credibility and my value to you…

You will see IF I ANSWER your reply (I know I will but you need to see for yourself) and

Then you can look at WHAT VALUE/WHAT HELP I gave you

This really excites me as it will be our way of building a more valuable and profitable relationship

Really it’s a WIN – WIN for both of us

All I ask is for you to give me the chance and it will only cost you a few seconds of your time to reply to my email.

By the way on this page as a huge thank you for taking these 2 quick steps you will see a link to a free report I am making available to you. It’s all about how to start a profitable online business from scratch.

I hope you find it very helpful – it’s something I wish someone had given me before I started my online journey.

Your FREE Starting From Scratch Report

I now look forward to seeing your replies and having the privilege of getting to know you.

Let's talk to make sure this program is the right fit for you. If so we can then come to an agreement on the investments required