How to Achieve Inbox Infallibility?

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Email is still the most effective method to operate a profitable online business in any market niche.

But just because you have a list of potential customers (subscribers) does not mean your email marketing challenges are over.

No way…actually you may be building a list that is just a complete waste of time and money!


Email Marketing 101email marketing delivery

If your emails never reach your subscribers or the subscribers they reach are not the slightest bit interested in what you have to say, then your email marketing has come to an ABRUPT END!

Don’t misunderstand me – email marketing is BY FAR the quickest and easiest way to start generating an income online IF…

1. You didn’t simply purchase a list of email addresses. Why bother paying for an online “telephone book”? 

However, if your subscribers joined you because they thought you had something of value to help them with a problem they had then you are heading in the right direction. 

2. Your email subject lines work and encourage people to at least open your message

3. Your emails are being delivered. If your emails don’t reach your subscriber’s inbox then there is little to no chance of them opening your messages.

email marketing disasterTrue Story of An Email Marketing Disaster!

Never assume your emails are getting delivered 100% and I know this from harsh reality. Sadly at one stage, my delivery rates were so poor that my open rates were almost zero (0.1%).

I’m sharing some of my most private disasters here and there was a variety of factors that prevented the delivery of my emails not the least of which was my then ESP (email service provider) that I quickly parted company with.

Other things that previously prevented my email marketing success included subject lines or email body parts that were picked up by spam filters (you’d be amazed what words trigger a spam issue), an IP address system that had a malware attack that killed the reputation (and email delivery) of every domain email I was using from this IP address …and the list goes on.

Do You Know Your Stats?

My question to you is: are you aware of your email delivery and your open rate stats?

If you don’t get these 2 things right then all the rest of your email marketing efforts will be a complete waste of time.

Some Free Tools For Youemail blacklist

To help you get the basics in place so that you can start building a profitable email marketing system here are some free tools that I recommend you using just to be sure!

IP Blacklist Checker: never assume your IP address has not been blacklisted and if so it’s probably not your fault. Check out the Blacklist Checker site and put your mind at ease!

Domain Blacklist Checker: you can use this Domain Blacklist site to check both your IP address and any domains that you own

Wordcheck: this site will tell you if your subject lines and email body are going to be hit by spam filters. Wordcheck will show you that many words you think are OK to use will actually have your emails caught by spam filters.

This site is well worth bookmarking for future use. Did you know that words like “amazing”, “click here”, “for you”, “Get”, “Here”, “now”, “problem”. “success” and even “only” all attract a some level of spam score?

Makes life as an email marketer interesting!

You’ll just have to strike a balance in your email subject lines between being so bland no one will ever bother to open it and some attention-getting sentence that only gets a relatively low spam score.

So this site will definitely help you to avoid all your efforts ending up in the “no man’s land” of email spam filters.

Email subject Line tester: similar to Word check but with a focus on giving you EXACTLY where you are making errors in your subject line. This is a very helpful tool.

Bookmark this email subject line tester as its a valuable tool. Make absolutely certain before you send your next email that the subject line will not cause your email to bounce or be caught by spam filters. 

email open ratesOpen Rate Explosion Factors

Apart from these “delivery-type” factors there are other things that can greatly affect the “open rate” of your emails and can ruin your email profitability.

Your email too often or not enough

Your list is tired and needs to be “weeded out” quickly

Your “From” line needs to change

The wording of your “snippets” – the text that appears after the subject line and visible before the email is opened

The use of “curiosity” in your emails

Introducing a “scarcity” factor that urges people to open

Using “seed test” emails before you send your broadcast message

Coming to a Post Near You Soon!

These and other key issues of email profitability will be covered in detail in my next post so watch out for it.

Following this post, we’ll then look at the “body” of your emails with tips and tricks to use in order to maximize the chances of your links being clicked and you get paid!

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