How to Make Your List Building Profitable

Profitable List Building

Are you making any money at all with your email list? Don’t be shy. You can fix this worrying situation easily!

There are a lot of marketers out there making huge sums of money with their email lists. I’m talking six-figures coming from their email marketing efforts alone.

But there are also a whole lot of marketers whose lists don’t even make enough to cover the monthly autoresponder bills.

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So what’s the difference between these two groups? 

If you are not making ANY MONEY with your email list despite all your efforts to build that list in the inboxing factorefirst place, then you must be wondering…what else can I do?

There are many, many people with that very same issue and the solution could be so many things.

One thing is for sure if your emails do not reach your subscribers’ inboxes then all the rest of your email marketing efforts are a waste of time!

I have experienced this very unsettling situation and at one stage I could not even get any “seed test” emails to inbox with my OWN email accounts.

Failing to inbox means ZERO open rates, ZERO “click-though rates” and ZERO MONEY!

Ouch! Not a good position to be in but fortunately with help from my autoresponder company we could resolve the situation and ensure my subscribers were at least given the opportunity to open my mails again.

A Little Bonus for You!

If you want some great ways to get your emails opened and your links “clicked” then check out my recent post called “5 Tips for Email Marketing Success” 

test everything with emailsSo what else can we do to make money with our list?

Well we could create a checkpoint list a mile long with different factors like the audience, the lead magnet, the copy on the lead page, the autoresponder emails… and so on.

But you know what separates the pros from the wannabes?

The pros TEST EVERYTHING. Absolutely everything!


They test their lead pages to find out the best headlines, benefits and calls to action. They test subscription buttons. They test page design. They test the lead magnet offer itself.

They also test everything about their emails, including subject lines, copy, what products they’re promoting, when they send emails, and more.

They also toss out the bad stuff, they tweak the good stuff, and they keep trying to improve every step of the process.

If you want to build a bigger list and make more money with your list, then you need to start testing too.the money is in the list

I know what you’re thinking – testing sounds like a pain in the neck. You feel like you’re back in school, taking a test when you forgot to study.

The good news is that it’s not as hard as you think. That’s because there are so many tools that do all the work for you.



For starters, you can use a lead page creator like “Landing Page Monkey” because it has built-in stats.

Just log in, and at a glance, you’ll find out your page impressions and conversion rate. And since this tool comes with the clone feature, you can rapidly create different versions of your lead page to test.

Same goes for your emails. Most of the bigger email service providers have built-in tools to track your email open rates and click-through rates. You can even randomly split your subscribers into groups to conduct your testing.

One more tip…

Be sure to only test ONE element of your lead pages or emails at a time. That way you know that any difference in conversion rate is due to that one element.

For example: If you try to test an email subject line AND the call to action at the same time, then you won’t have any idea which of those two factors created the difference in conversion rates.

So test one factor only, and you can be confident in your results.

Want to Get a More Responsive List?

To discover more about how to improve your “open” and “click-through-rates” have a look at my post about “List Building Lessons From a Thai Village”. Don’t miss this post as I give you lots of solutions and tips to improve the response rate of your list – some of which you may NOT appreciate!

Your Turn Now

Are you making money with email? What is your biggest problem? If you are having any problems what-so-ever with your email marketing leave me a comment below. Happy to contribute and share my experience with you. 

Peter Beckenham

I'm an Aussie entrepreneur who lives and runs his online sales & marketing coaching business from a remote Thai village. I help small businesses to build authority, attract quality leads and generate sales If you enjoyed your visit with me then SUBSCRIBE TO MY TRIBE where you will get lots of tips, ideas and practical, down-to-earth information about how to make the most of your online business journey.

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  1. I am amazed at the subject lines I see from other marketers emails that are landing in my inbox… they are either so boring and bland that I would never open them… or they are so full of hype that I am shocked that they weren’t stopped by the SPAM police. The object of a great email subject/headline is to grab the reader’s attention and create so much curiosity that tehy have to open it up and check it out.

    Thanks for the post, Peter.

    • Totally agree with you Greg. I always think about what email subject lines caught my attention in my inbox and keep a swipe file of these. I also use sites like Huffington Post and Digg as great sources of attention grabbing healines. Make it a habit to go looking for clever subject lines and have fun with it at the same time.

  2. Thanks to your help and direction, I am now in a place where I am able to start thinking of putting in my notice at work. Thank God! (And you, Peter!) No more drudgery and working my tail off for others.

    • Hi Piper. Just before you put in your notice at work just make sure your list profits are sustainable. You need to ensure that by continually building your list and building relationships with your list that going forward your subscribers will continue to seek out your emails and follow your advice and recommendations. This can and will happen for you – its just a matter of getting your email marketing basis set up correctly.

  3. Hi Peter,

    You did a nice job with this post.

    What I majorly do to give my Clickthrough rate a boost is by setting the stage in my welcome email; that is the most important email in your series as almost 50% of the leads will open the welcome/first email,

    I try to them them when I’ll b sending them an email, why I’ll be sending the email and what they should expect from my emails.

    That way, I’m able to pique their interest and have them actually look forward to hearing from me.

    Also, I use email titles that will pique their curiosity to want to open the emial and I also use different calls to action leading to the same landing page/post.

    This is my two cents; I hope you found it useful


    • Hey Dan. Many thanks for your extremely valuable comments. Greatly appreciated – especially the importance of the very first “welcome email”
      Totally agree with you as not only is the welcome email the actual start of your relationship with that subscriber but it also “sets the expectations” for what you are able to provide to them. Actually I also like to ensure that they get used to clicking links in my emails by offering them some valuable info that is only accessed by clicking a link. This helps me to get my subscribers used to clicking most of my links, including the “income earning” links that I spread throughout my email autoresponder and broadcast series.

  4. Hey Peter, thanks to stumbling upon your post, I was able to build a great list and it’s paid off a hundred times….thanks man. Keep your posts coming, they’re really helping me turn my visions into a reality.

    • Hey Justin. Great to hear that and appreciate your feedback. Lists are lists but when you can create a list that is responsive then it’s also going to be very profitable. This is like sitting on a gold mine!

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