Know, Like, Trust – Simple Success Secrets

know, like, trustKnow,Like,Trust Elements of Success

We've all heard the words know,like,trust but do we really do whatever we can to implement these 3 critical factors of success?

All of us have to work hard to build and maintain relationships both in life and in business.

People always respect and admire authenticity so even if you're a brand new blogger or online marketer, by simply being yourself you can and will make a huge impact on your audience.

Face to face salespeople have known all about this know, like, trust combination for years and building rapport is a key element of all good sales training.

However, content marketers are still coming to grips with this critical aspect of relationship building. In fact many are simply assuming (incorrectly I might add) that the more content they create the bigger their audience will become.

Nothing could be further from the truth 

Creating content without really considering the needs of your target audience is no better than being confronted by fast talking sales people – both types repel us.

Let me ask you – in your life have you really achieved the success you were seeking?

Can you recall moments where you may have failed even just a little bit with any of the know, like and trust factors?

Let's be honest we all have at some time.

The thing is have we learned from these past mistakes?


These most definitely are the 3 key elements of success both in life and in business.

If any one of these elements is missing then your chances of success is extremely limited.

Of the 3 key factors, the one that takes most time to develop is “TRUST”

 So Who Would You Do Business With?

Let's say there were 2 people vying for your order.

One was simply lacking in personality, boring and somewhat aloof whilst the other was interesting, entertaining, personable and made you feel good 

Which one would you rather do business with?

People buy people not products so obviously the person who could relate more to you would win your attention (and most likely your order).

It doesn't matter how well known you are. If you want to convert prospects into customers then you MUST at least be likeable. All part of the know, like, trust triple treat!

6 Ways to Build Your Likeability Onlineknow, like, trust

Always be authentic and say it in your own unique way

Be passionate and be real always sharing your stories, and getting personal.

Just be nice! It sounds obvious right but way too many people forget this simple thing. It costs you very little to be helpful and supportive. Perhaps it costs you a little of your time but the relationship outcomes can be awesome and your target audience will love you for it.

Know, like, trust elements are always postively impacted with this attitude and approach. 

Always be relevant  Be a good listener and learn all about your target audience's pain points, their challenges, their problems. Package your thoughts and ideas about how best to anser these issues and you'll always be highly relevant as well as extremely likeable. This will definitely help your know, like, trust factors. 

Make sure you're visible People can relate so much more quickly with you if you're face to face. The next best option is video. Never under-estimate the impact you can have just by being yourself on video.

Many folks are scared to be in front of the camera but try and put thise fears aside even for a minute or two and let your target audience SEE YOU and HEAR YOU. Remember if you're real and authentic (even if your scared and shy) your body language will carry you through and you will connect with your audience.

Don ‘t be stingy but be generous Always be prepared to share, support and promote other people. This will definitely differentiate you as someone to look out for. If you don't share other people's material then don't expect others to help you either. It's that simple to impact on your know, like, trust essentails. 

People who have successfully implemented all these 6 steps are more tha likely very successful both in life and in business. They will have experie4nced the success that comes with know, like,trust.


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