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Know, Like, Trust – Simple Success Secrets

know, like, trustKnow,Like,Trust Elements of Success

We’ve all heard the words know,like,trust but do we really do whatever we can to implement these 3 critical factors of success?

All of us have to work hard to build and maintain relationships both in life and in business.

People always respect and admire authenticity so even if you’re a brand new blogger or online marketer, by simply being yourself you can and will make a huge impact on your audience.

Face to face salespeople have known all about this know, like, trust combination for years and building rapport is a key element of all good sales training.

However, content marketers are still coming to grips with this critical aspect of relationship building. In fact many are simply assuming (incorrectly I might add) that the more content they create the bigger their audience will become.

Nothing could be further from the truth 

Creating content without really considering the needs of your target audience is no better than being confronted by fast talking sales people – both types repel us.

Let me ask you – in your life have you really achieved the success you were seeking?

Can you recall moments where you may have failed even just a little bit with any of the know, like and trust factors?

Let’s be honest we all have at some time.

The thing is have we learned from these past mistakes?


These most definitely are the 3 key elements of success both in life and in business.

If any one of these elements is missing then your chances of success is extremely limited.

Of the 3 key factors, the one that takes most time to develop is “TRUST”

 So Who Would You Do Business With?

Let’s say there were 2 people vying for your order.

One was simply lacking in personality, boring and somewhat aloof whilst the other was interesting, entertaining, personable and made you feel good 

Which one would you rather do business with?

People buy people not products so obviously the person who could relate more to you would win your attention (and most likely your order).

It doesn’t matter how well known you are. If you want to convert prospects into customers then you MUST at least be likeable. All part of the know, like, trust triple treat!

6 Ways to Build Your Likeability Onlineknow, like, trust

Always be authentic and say it in your own unique way

Be passionate and be real always sharing your stories, and getting personal.

Just be nice! It sounds obvious right but way too many people forget this simple thing. It costs you very little to be helpful and supportive. Perhaps it costs you a little of your time but the relationship outcomes can be awesome and your target audience will love you for it.

Know, like, trust elements are always postively impacted with this attitude and approach. 

Always be relevant  Be a good listener and learn all about your target audience’s pain points, their challenges, their problems. Package your thoughts and ideas about how best to anser these issues and you’ll always be highly relevant as well as extremely likeable. This will definitely help your know, like, trust factors. 

Make sure you’re visible People can relate so much more quickly with you if you’re face to face. The next best option is video. Never under-estimate the impact you can have just by being yourself on video.

Many folks are scared to be in front of the camera but try and put thise fears aside even for a minute or two and let your target audience SEE YOU and HEAR YOU. Remember if you’re real and authentic (even if your scared and shy) your body language will carry you through and you will connect with your audience.

Don ‘t be stingy but be generous Always be prepared to share, support and promote other people. This will definitely differentiate you as someone to look out for. If you don’t share other people’s material then don’t expect others to help you either. It’s that simple to impact on your know, like, trust essentails. 

People who have successfully implemented all these 6 steps are more tha likely very successful both in life and in business. They will have experie4nced the success that comes with know, like,trust.

Now Enjoy This Know, Like and Trust Video

Let me share some more thoughts with you in this quick video.

Please make sure you watch out for my mentor, Dean Holland, and his mum.

This is authenticity at its very best. You’ll quickly see why this guy has been so successful and why I admire him as one of my mentors.  

Please leave me your comments about this vieo below – I’d love to see what you think.   

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I know how busy you must be so many thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts – always appreciated.

Please share with me:

Your thoughts about the video I shared with you

Your own experiences with know, like and trust factors

What other ways have you used to build your “likeability” online?


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    • Hello Alex and welcome to my place,

      Appreciate the fact that as a first-time visitor you also made time to contribute to my post with your valuable comment.

      Thank you for that Alex. Please let me know how you get on when you try implementing those “simple success secrets” – I’d love to hear your experiences

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Email Marketing Hacks – Top 9 Trends for 2016My Profile

  1. Peter,
    You make good points. At its heart it’s about building a two-way relationship with your prospects.

    Marketers should bear in mind that the elements you discuss often perform better with targeted products that are unique. For example, science fiction writers build a following that’s interested in reading the next phase in the series. That’s more difficult to do with toothpaste

    • Hello and welcome to my place Annette,

      Relationships are the name of the game but its not always that easy to achieve.

      It takes time and some effort to create the likeability factors that enable our readers (and subscribers) to trust us and follow our guidance and suggestions.

      You are absolutely right re the “targeted products” point as far as followers are concerned.

      In fact the key to success is to make sure we are always adding relevant value to our target audience and if you’re not sure what your target audence is then thats a task you need to sort out very quickly.

      If you or any readers would like some help in oh best to identify your target audience then please leve me a comment here

      Thanks again for your visit Annette – and your interesting feedback

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Know, Like, Trust – Simple Success SecretsMy Profile

  2. Hello Peter,

    Once again, I enjoyed both the post and the video. You’re absolutely right that you have to earn trust, and that trust is your most valuable business asset. Based on my brief experience, I can say that I tend to form better connections with some bloggers and the blogs I like, and then get to know them better through regular online interaction. That’s kind of in reverse (as opposed to know and then like), but that’s the way I do it. In any case, the trust I get from them is what I value most. Thank you again for reminding me about this, and I’m going to start working on building connections and getting people to know, like and trust me, instead of just focusing on traffic by the numbers.
    Anand recently posted…Use Sales Acceleration To Transform Your B2B SalesMy Profile

    • Hello and welcome back Anand,

      It’s aways great to have you visit and leave me your valuable thoughts.

      Yes trust is an extremely valuable asset of anyone’s business but the way you go about earning that trust can most definitely vary.

      The key is to be authentic and totally real so if you prefer with your personality to build connections in a particular way then that’s fine.

      There is no right or wrong way – the issue is to build connections in a way that you feel most comfortable in doing so.

      That way you can be yourself and allow people to discover the real Anand.

      Traffic is important but building your connections is even more important to your long term success.

      Thanks as always for your great comment Anand.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Know, Like, Trust – Simple Success SecretsMy Profile

  3. Hi Peter,

    Being authentic and genuine is what matters the most – in personal as well as professional life. We interact with different people everyday but how many names do we really remember? Not everyone, right? The one’s who we do remember have one thing in common – They are real and authentic.

    Oh yes, being nice not only sets the tone for the day, it can really elevate the spirits of people around you. No matter how hard your day was, you should never let it affect how you interact with others.

    The video about Dean was very authentic. Such stories give you confidence and hope to come back strong from your failures. A true example of how self belief and honesty can help you overcome any challenge.

    Thanks for sharing this excellent post my man. Have a wonderful day ahead!

    ~ Arpit Roy
    Arpit Roy recently posted…Blog Commenting: Tips & Marketing GuideMy Profile

    • Hello and welcome back Arpit,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the video with Dean and his mother as to me that is exactly what being authwentic is all about. Agree?

      And you’re right – being nice to people either online or offline, is by far a much better way to start building and maintaining relationships.

      Personally I really don’t approve of or get involved with anyone who is simply trying to aggravate anyone.

      As always thanks for your visit and awesome comment Arpit – much appreciated my man.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Know, Like, Trust – Simple Success SecretsMy Profile

  4. Nice post Peter.

    As well as being online I also belong to a local BNI networking group. They’ve been going over 30 years and new members are always told they’re unlikely to really start getting referrals until the first 6 months are passed. This is because it takes a while to build the KLT factors that you’ve mentioned. Another example of business online working just the same way as business offline.
    David Wildash recently posted…Increase The Chance Of A Sale With A Powerful GuaranteeMy Profile

    • Hello and welcome to my place David,

      Whatever business you’re in it does take time to build your credibility with your audience.

      However, the process of creating the KLT factors are also my most enjoyable tasks and actions that I never consider as “work”

      You make a very good point David re the fact that these credibility factors are the same whether you are online or offline – as they say “people buy people.” Agree?

      Many thanks for your visit and for sharing your expertise Davbid – much appreciated

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Know, Like, Trust – Simple Success SecretsMy Profile

    • Hello Joan and welcome back to my place,

      I’m delighted you enjoyed this post as to me, irrespective of our market niche, the factors of know, like and trust, will drive everything we do.

      These tips are not just for the network marketing niche but all markets. And please know that I am not part of any network marketing organisation.

      I’m a very proud partner of Dean Holland’s iPRO group and if you’d like to know more about that then please just contact me here on my blog or send me an email at

      Many thanks again for your visit Joan – much appreciated.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Know, Like, Trust – Simple Success SecretsMy Profile

  5. Hi Peter Sir,
    It was always been pleasant and boosting when ever i read your posts, really it was a awesome post, i am the one who leaves my mistakes apart and start doing new mistakes, but never had tried to learn from it, but i think its time to wake up now, i would now really work on my mistakes, the other thing you mentioned People buy People not products, that was a superb quote and damn truth, thank you for sharing this awesome post.

    • Hello and welcome Akshaykattam,

      I’m very pleased to hear that you are going to start taking some action to improve your blogging.

      We all make mistakes and in fact I make them every single day – so don’t ever worry about that. None of us are perfect OK?

      Poeple do buy people and thats why, either offline or online, we need to keep our foucis on the “know, like and trust” factors.

      Thanks for your comment

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Know, Like, Trust – Simple Success SecretsMy Profile

  6. Hi Peter,

    Thank you for explaining so well the KLT factor. As long as we are just being ourselves, people have a funny way of knowing that. Now add a dash of excitement of what we do and we light up. People find that interesting too.

    You know Peter, I never sold things as much as people came to me to buy stuff. Make sense? Just being me, getting excited of what I do is the best “lead magnet” I have lol. I say that because that is always the reaction when people talk to me. I don’t realize it myself.

    Just be nice! I love that you have included it here. If you are having a bad day, stay in bed.

    Authenticity is always attractive. I enjoyed the video you shared about Dean. I can just feel him as I watched. Funny how the most successful people had gone through financial woes. When they tell their story it gives us all hope. His story sure is authentic and I can see why you partnered with him.

    But YOU are a very authentic guy yourself. Hey, that’s why I’m here reading and commenting.

    Be well,

    Donna Merrill recently posted…How Can I Promote My eBookMy Profile

    • Hi Donna and welcome back to my place,
      It’s always a real pleasure to have you here.

      You know you’re absolutely right (and why am I not surprised!)when you mentioned real excitement.

      When you truly feel this way about a person, a product, an event or an occasion, then everyone around you can sense how you feel.
      You don’t have to think of the words you should say because they just comes bubbling out based on our excitement.

      And that’s when the magic starts. This truly is a real force of attraction as you said.

      It’s amazing how our authenticity can and will provide us with all the sales we ever want.

      So one of my takeaways from your wise advice is not chase sales but rather let our authenticity attract the right buyers to us.

      Glad you enjoyed the video with Dean and his mother – and yes its easy to see why I was attracted to him as one of my mnetors.

      His enthusiasm and authenticity are a powerful combination plus the high ethical standards he has for iPRO are very important to me and my business success. Dean’s self belief and sheer honesty enabled him to overcome the real financial challenges earlier in his career.

      Thank you for your very kind words Donna – that is very special to me.

      Best wishes from the remote Tha village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Know, Like, Trust – Simple Success SecretsMy Profile

  7. Hi Peter,

    This one of my favorite topics

    A lot of people jumped on the internet bandwagon thinking they could somehow suspend the laws of business.

    Finally, some of them are now finally ‘getting it’. ‘Know, like, and trust’ is what it’s all about. The last few days I’ve been preparing a webinar format that I’m running in a few days. The core of my talk is ‘know, like and trust’. So it’;s great to see you featuring a blog post on this very topic.

    I’ve been doing this internet marketing thing for nearly ten years now. For years I bought into the story that the internet is different. Well, in terms of technology, yes it is different. But when it comes to winning customers it’s essentially the same. So, why do we delude ourselves that it will be ANY different online than it will be offline?

    I guess it’s because we WANT to believe that we can just click a few buttons and presto – money will flood in. It’s the lottery mentality all over again.

    A Caveat. We still need to hustle sometimes, otherwise, the business doesn’t get done. I always say ‘there’s time to be a farmer and there’s a time to be a hunter’. Most people spend way too much time in hunt mode and not enough in farming mode.

    Thanks for this timely reminder, Peter

    Kim Willis recently posted…8 Lead Sources Better Than Solo AdsMy Profile

    • Hi Kim and welcome back mate,

      Totally agree with your thinking as whether we’re talking nline or offline, people still base their decisions on the “likeability” issues.

      Just because you may have the latest and greatest model of some widget does not mean people will buy from you.

      Of sourse if you’re dealing in low priced “transaction-based” products then the know, likemand trust factors are not as important.

      However, many of our regular purchases do require a significant payment and it’s then when the likeability factors really come to the fore.

      Just yesterday we were looking for a new refrigerator and discovered one with all the bells and whistles you could imagine.

      It was perfect for us and the price was also acceptable.

      The problem was the sales staff member who showed little or no interest in helping us with the simple question of “delivery” – as we are located some distance from this particular shop and our car was not big enough to carry this item.

      Long story short – we didn’t buy the refrigerator from that store but instead purchased from onther one where the price was a little higher but the sales person was so helpful, so interested and so likeable AND she ended up giving us FREE delivery!

      Now all this was offline obviously but exactly the same principles apply to our online business as you so rightly mentioned Kim.

      And no doubt we all have a range of stories we could share about the “sales expereinces” we have had online. No there’s a great future blog post topic.

      Many thanks as always for your awesome feedback Kim

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Know, Like, Trust – Simple Success SecretsMy Profile

    • Hello and welcome to my place Dhanunjai,

      I very happy you found some real value here for your blogging business.

      Care to tell me what your niche is for your blog and if I can help you some more?

      Remember BEFORE you start earning some money you’ll have to clearly identify WHO your target audience is and WHAT are their major challenges or “pain points”?

      Then create the most relevant content you possibly can to help overcome or soplve each of the challenges you’ve discovered that your target audience has. OK? Do you need some help with this? Just as me and I’ll give you some things to check out but you will also find lots of information about all these steps right here on my bog.

      To help you get started check out:

      What is your Target Market? and Are your Website Visitors Profitable?

      I hope you find these helpful Dhanunjai.

      Thank you for your visit and please let me know how I can help you – don’t forget OK?

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Know, Like, Trust – Simple Success SecretsMy Profile

  8. Great Peter,

    Know, like and Trust are vital.

    I’ve failed several times with these 3.

    The more I did, the more I realized them. I try very hard to stay focus this time round to be me.

    The point is: you have to be you. Be real. And you’ll be liked and trusted. The ‘know’ comes in when you’re you.

    You’ll never know if you don’t humble yourself. Pride blinds you to your own detriment.

    Experience is for a fool. Please excuse my language.

    Do you want that tool to cut you before you put on hand gloves? Learn from your Safety Department about the experience others have gone through to prevent any bead occurrence.

    We’re lucky.

    We’ve mentors all over the internet. They’ve gone through the suffering before.

    Ask and it’ll be given. So, you don’t go through same.

    Thanks for the 6 ways to build your likeability, Peter.

    Francis Quarshie recently posted…Want to Get More Blog Comments? This is howMy Profile

    • Hello and a big welcome back Francis,

      You mention some very smart words of wisdom especially when it comes to “pride”

      We all should learn to be humble, admit and learn from our mistakes and be prepared to share this learning process with our readers.

      To me that would be such a real and authentic way to share experiences that I think most readers would greatly appreciate.

      Thank you again for your thoughtful and honest feedback Francis

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village bloggfer

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Know, Like, Trust – Simple Success SecretsMy Profile

  9. I totally agree Peter. Know Like & Trust is a HUGE part of my focus!

    I think without it theres no way to be successful online.

    As for you ‘trying’ to give as much value as you can? Dude theres no doubt whatsoever what you bring to the table.

    You’re a champ. If only there were more like you online it’d be amazing. Cheers

    • HHi Sam and welcome back to my place mate,

      So pleased this time we had no commenting issues!

      Thank you so very much for your kind comment Sam – means a loit to me as yes I rally do try and add as much value as
      I can everywhere I go.

      You know despite the fact the moist perople onlinhe are aware of the know like and trust factors, it’s amaxing just how many simply ignore it when it comes to their actions onlinhe. Why? Who knows. It’s a bloomin’ mystery to me.

      Why do some people choose not to be real and authentic?

      After all its the easiest way to communicate, create blog posts and videos and build relationships!

      Anyway I’ll leave that one for more wiser folks

      Thanks as always Sam fdor your visit and comment

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Know, Like, Trust – Simple Success SecretsMy Profile

  10. Hey Peter,

    I agree with you on all fronts. I used to write posts that were insincere and kind of fluffy. As soon as I started being my authentic self my audience grew. This is great advice that all new bloggers need to hear.

  11. Hi Peter,

    That’s been SUCH an important blog post for me to read – and take action on!

    I think I have been so busy learning and implementing new skills and techniques that I’ve neglected building a real relationship with my list, which has been very short-sighted of me. It’s not that I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing, but somehow, building an online business part-time, I’ve let other things (learning more skills) take priority when I should have been sharing what I already know.

    I’m having a real prune down of many of the activities that are taking me a long time, for no real result.

    Thanks for an important wake-up call 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark
    Joy Healey recently posted…4 Reasons Why Email Marketing Isn’t Dead & 4 Tips For Starting a CampaignMy Profile

    • Hello and welocme back Joy,

      Always great to have you visit with me but don’t be too hard on yourself.

      We all go through difficult times and some issues are placed to the side as we try to improve our skills/

      Whatever else we have prioitised takes most of our time and we all can easily overlook some critical issuers from time to time. After all we’re human and prone to make mistakes – well that’s my excuse anyway.

      However, it’s never too late to adjust and re-focus.

      Thanks for the very kind thoughts and I’m delighted the post was timely for you – because it was for me as well. That’s why I created it!

      Best wishes as always Joy from the remote Thai village blogger

      Peter Beckenham recently posted…Know, Like, Trust – Simple Success SecretsMy Profile

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