8 BadAss Bloggers You Must Follow

badass bloggersOn the 21st March, 2015 I created my first post on this blog. Oh how I wish I knew then about some of the badass bloggers I’m going to share with you today.

Nobody had shown me the real basics of blogging. I had missed out on “Blogging 101” and instead was following everything and anyone who looked like they were making money online.


I made so many bloody mistakes and was simply chasing money rather than trying to provide any sort of real value to my readers.

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To me creating blog posts were a bit of a pain in the “you-know-what” as it took time away from my supposedly income producing activities.

To me the blog posts were just another form of promotion for whatever offer was taking my fancy at the time.

And to be perfectly honest even the offers I was making were determined purely by my assessment of the conversion capacity of their sales pages.

Never once did I consider the interests of the paltry few readers who somehow fell over my site, probably by accident.

But falling over my site was really no problem for them.

[Tweet “Is your blog simply a collection of answers people don't want to hear to questions they didn't ask?”]

It probably only took them 30 seconds to decide my place was definitely not for them.

Obviously these folks never, ever returned.badass bloggers

And I was wondering why my initial bounce rates in my Google Analytics stats used to hover between 85 and 90%

Hey did I hear you ask about my blog commenting?

Well no sirree. That was one thing I was not going to waste my time doing.

After all I’d read somewhere from a few “gurus” that blog commenting was no longer an effective way to drive traffic.

So why should I bother after all I was very pressed for time as it was. 

And I most definitely didn’t have the time or the interest to be bothered reading about what some other blogger may have been going on about.

Reading their posts was way too time-consuming for this “man on a mission.”

If I ever wanted to know something I’d “Google it!”

You know as I’m writing this I’m feeling like quite a jerk.

How could I have been so stupidly ignorant?

badass bloggersSaved By the Bell

A friend of mine and a superb blogger, Glenn Shepherd, finally set me on the right track.

He convinced me to rethink my entire approach to blogging or stop blogging completely because I was completely missing the key fundamentals of this marketing strategy.

Well I listened, learned from his superb training program and initially bristled a bit as I realized this was going to take a lot of time and effort.

And it does and it did.

If you get nothing else from this post at least remember this.

There are no short-cuts to building valuable relationships – either online or offline.

So basically this old Aussie finally bit the proverbial “authenticity bullet” and started all over again.

badass bloggersGlenn suggested I visit some badass bloggers like Adrienne Smith as she was known as the “queen of engagement” when it came to blogging. 

I studied what Adrienne was doing, purchased her excellent blog engagment training program and looked carefully at not just her content but more importantly, her reader’s reactions to her content.

And by following some of her most regular readers I discovered a whole new world of relationships that have on many occasions turned into friendships.

And not only that, by finally understanding the simple premise of giving without strings, all of a sudden some of these new relationships started to bloom into business potential that I’d never, ever seen before.

It’s an understatement to say “I was blown away”

What an amazing experience to find highly successful, authentic and profitable bloggers who were only too happy to share, support and network with this Aussie “born again blogger”

All of a sudden I was disgusted at how I had been approaching my bloggingbadass bloggers

Just 15 short months ago I was totally ignorant of the fact that I was just another of those bloggers working hard at becoming an inevitable failure.

Heck if I only knew just 20% of what I know now it would have saved me hundreds of hours and I don’t know how much money – for sure thousands of dollars if you factor in the “loss of opportunities” I experienced with my previous poor mindset to the whole blogging game.

Looking back now it was a shocker of a start!

Not only were my first posts curated because I was not committed and lazy but looking back they were very poorly curated posts as well.

A grand total of 6 comments on the first 6 posts published on this blog from people who have never ever returned.

I still wonder why they even bothered to comment.

During my first week of blogging I created (and curated) a post every day.

None of those posts were more than 500 words and even though 2 had videos, none of them attracted very much attention – and they really didn’t deserve to either!

In fact 2 of the posts were rehashed from another blog site we had failed with miserably.

No guessing why. 

The “Curation experiment” stopped by my 2nd week.

[Tweet “”A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others” – Lee Odden”]

However, I’ll be the first to admit that blog post curation done correctly, especially with trending articles that are highly relevant to your target audience, would be a powerful way of driving more traffic to your blog.

After all look at The Huffington Post – 100% curated blog posts and some 214 million people a month visit and read the posts on this website. They say it’s the most-read publisher online and valued at more than $1 Billion dollars.

Whatever – curation really does work IF you do it properly.

badass bloggersSo to all my readers who are brand new to blogging please do as I say NOT as I did.

I am the perfect example of a failed blogger who, more by good luck than management, was saved from the inevitable “blogger’s death march.”

That’s more than enough about my extremely poor background as a blogger.


My fervent wish is that anyone reading this post really take to heart and avoid like the plague my approach, attitude and mindset I shared with you in my early days of blogging.

Let me now share with you what I affectionately refer to as my “BadAss Bloggers.”

Everyone is completely different and often in different market niches.

But they all display a common characteristic – a genuine belief in helping others, in giving more than taking and with a total focus on relating as much as they can to their target audiences.

TIP: Please do NOT approach these people with “hat in hand” seeking their advice. These guys are very busy and don’t have time to pussy foot around with complete strangers.

After all they’re running a big business.

You’ll have to get on their radar.

You’ll have to grab their attention.

You’ll have to earn your stripes and start building your reputation.

How do you do all this?

By taking some serious action and visit their posts regularly, leaving the most valuable comment you can.

If you need help with blog commenting then check out my post about “7 Awesome Ways to Get More Blog Comments”

Even if you follow this guideline there are no guarantees these top badass bloggers will really take all that much notice you, especially if as they usually get lots of comments.

But I do know they will respond to your comment if you did your best to add value to their post. And that's the start you need. 

Be patient, be persistent and be visible on their blogs.

At the same time make sure you created a post that is worthy of being read and commented upon.

If you need some ideas about what to blog about check my post called “Your First Blog Post”

Now you know the journey to take are you still with me or does this blogging business seem like too much work?

I’ve deliberately not painted a rosy picture as far too many others have done that.

All I’m telling you is that IF you put the work in with the right mindset then your blogging future will definitely pay-off, and pay-off big time for you. Just give it time OK?

The bloggers I’m about to share with you are all very special to me.

Even though I am only featuring 8 of my badass bloggers in this post, there are another 7 who I intend to post about in the near future.

My badass bloggers are listed in no particular order.

badass bloggersBadAss Bloggers #1 – Adam Payne 

From the UK Adam has lived in Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Japan for the last 16 years

Adam is my favourite video marketing blogger who unselfishly gives an incredible amount of himself to everyone who asks for his help.

Never stuck for ideas he loves sharing real practical video marketing stuff that just plain works.




Adam also has an uncanny ability to simplify seemingly complex video marketing concepts and ideas. 

Adam is one of those badass bloggers who you should definitely check out, even if you're not into video marketing…yet!

I highly recommend anyone wishing to venture into the lucerative world of video marketing, to visit Adam's blog and make sure you check out his free training video called “Designing Your Sales Funnel for Profit. A Roadmap to Success”

badass bloggersBadAss Bloggers #2 – Rob Cornish 

Rob is a 40 year old Englishman who lives in North Cornwall, England and makes a great living online.

Rob found the first few months of his online journey difficult and awash with failed ideas.


Looking back he believes the main reason for this was he just couldn’t see through the “fog” of information overload.

So his blog started really as his personal online diary or journal.

Over time it’s developed quite a bit and you’ll now find a lot of badass blogger advice and information that is very beneficial to any internet marketing.

Rob is one lovely guy who has truly mastered the internet marketing space and on my list because of his uncanny ability to put people at ease with his easy going laid back syle of communication.

If your content is not setting the world on fire yet then look for Rob’s “Pattern Interrupts” offer. This publication offers a unique and interesting way to grab your subscribers and reader’s attention.

badass bloggersBadAss Bloggers #3 – Donna Merrill 

Donna is one of the most highly respected badass bloggers on the planet as well as a highly successful marketer and someone every new blogger should absolutely check out as soon as possible.

The content she creates is awesome and Donna consistently identifies critical and key challenges that face most bloggers and marketers.

I have always very much appreciated and learned heaps from the solutions she provides to these challenges that comes from her vast experiences.


What is very special is that Donna is always prepared to share what’s worked for her and what hasn’t with her many faithful followers.

Visit Donna’s blog and make sure you join her free “Whirlwind Success” VIP club.

If there was ever an online community you should join then place “Donna’s Tribe” right at the top of your bucket list.

badass bloggersBadAss Bloggers #4 – Tom Southern 

Tom is from West Yorkshire and his mission is to give your traffic strategies that work. No matter how limited your skills are. With Tom’s advice you’ll get strategies that work in real life.

If traffic is a challenge for you with your blog then look no further than my friend Tom Southern.

With his “Smart Traffic Marketing” blog Tom faces head on the many challenges most new bloggers have getting traffic to their blogs.


So if you want to get more targeted free traffic to your blog or website then badass blogger Tom Southerm is definitely the man to follow and connect with.

Take all the frustration out of getting more traffic to your blog and let Tom show you how this is done.

I can share from personal experience that the advice you will get from Tom will definitely make you rethink your entire approach to blogging.

badass bloggersBadAss Bloggers #4 – Enstine Muki 

Enstine Muki is one of those rare people you are lucky enough to find in your online journeys who really and truly cares for everyone around him.

Not only is he a brilliant affiliate marketer and very clever blogger, but Enstine is always there reaching out, sharing and caring with his fellow bloggers.

Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of Enstine’s community, enjoy the experiences of being shown so many of the latest and greatest ways to do business online.

By the way Enstine also creates a range of extremely useful products for bloggers and marketers.

As one of my favourite badass bloggers I urge you not to forget to check out Enstine’s superb “Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers eBook” when you visit his blog.

badass bloggersBadAss Bloggers #5 – Kim Willis 

All successful bloggers crave for a healthy dose of reality mixed in with some very astute advice. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get when you visit my mate Kim Willis.

I have provided 2 blogs for you to check out from Kim. If you’re a blogger or a traditional business then definitely check out Persuasion Pursuit   

If you’re an internet and/or affiliate marketer then perhaps this blog may be of more interest to you “Internet Marketing from Home” blog 

If you’re into internet marketing then make sure you grab Kim’s “32 Hot Ways to Get Leads Right Now”

Kim has been around for some time and has experienced huge success online.

But don’t be fooled by his seemingly simple approach to solving problems as that’s his real genius. Kim is one of those gifted “no nonsense” badass bloggers who tells it just as it is.

Just be prepared as there may be times when you don’t like what he’s telling you. When that happens, stop, read again what he has just shared with you and then be brutally honest with yourself.

After all you’ve just experienced an epiphany and received probably the best advice you’ve ever been given.

By the way, again speaking from personal experience, don’t miss the chance to have a 1-on-1 with Kim. Just look for his invitation on any blog post and grab it with both hands. 

badass bloggersBadAss Bloggers #6 – Mark Newsome 

As a blogger you never know if your readers are more interested in achieving success online or offline. Never assume they are only online in their interests.

That’s why I am introducing you Mark who is another good friend of mine and one of my exceptional badass bloggers.

Mark has the uncanny ability and skills to create blog content using many wonderful practical examples that cover both online and offline marketing tips, tricks, strategies and advice.


Find out exactly how you can increase your small business profits immediately with Mark’s help and advice.

A visit to Mark’s blog is an experience you will never forget but make sure you give yourself time there to really look around.

Discover the wealth in marketing information just waiting for you to implement and fast forward your success as a blogger.

badass bloggersBadAss Bloggers #7 – Sue Ann Dunlevie 

If you’re looking for someone who will take you by the hand and lead you step by step down the path to blogging success then you’ve found her.

Sue Ann Dunlevie is a truly inspirational, successful badass blogger, business woman and mentor – a very rare combination.

She will show you how to build a profitable blog without all the guesswork.

When you visit with Sue make sure you grab your free copy of “How to Attract 1000 Subscribers in 30 Days” – don’t miss this invaluable resource.

Sue is not just someone you can follow and learn heaps from but she’s also a genuinely lovely lady who firmly believes in giving first.

badass bloggersBadAss Bloggers #8 – Don Purdum 

There are very few people who can provide the insightful advice of any business like Don Purdum.

As a beginner blogger whose business is just starting out a visit to Don’s blog will introduce you to a world of extremely honest and inspirational material that will save you years of struggle and torment.

Don is most definitely one of those badass bloggers who shares with you many of the experiences he has had helping people to maximize the potential of their business.


Discover when you “Begin Here” with Don's help, exactly what business you are really in.

The clearer your prospects are about how relevant you are to them to more they will want to buy from you. 

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