Rugby World Cup 2015 – Controversy and Emotion

There was an emotional hard fought quarter final of the Rugby World Cup 2015 played between Scotland and Australia.

Fantastic running rugby mixed with moments of brilliance, devastation and heartbreak as Australia clinched a hotly debated victory in the last seconds of the game 35-34.

This game had it all including it’s fair share of controversy that has resulted in the South African referee Craig Joubert being subjected to a crowd-sourced lifetime ban from the bonnie shores of Scotland 

Rugby World Cup 2015Whether the ref’s decisions were correct or not the result still stands and the  Rugby World Cup 2015 tournament moves on.

This is the real world of rugby and sport.

Whilst ever there is spirited competition in sport (and don’t we all want that!) the possibilities of having decisions go against you or the team you support will be there – it’s all part of life and the glory of sport.

The emotions running through every Scot today including anger, devastation and bitter disappointment arerugby_world_cup6 similar to the feelings so often experienced by new online marketers trying to get established online.

Although there is no “match referee” in internet marketing, far too often people doing their best to get started online fall victim to hype, confusion and in many instances, online predators who live on the ignorance, inexperience and naivete of the newbie marketers.

There are far too many predatory sales letters out there all designed to take your money and keep you coming back for more.

shiny object syndrome1If their quest for success is urgent then they can easily fall prey to another treacherous practice….

Chasing those highly promoted but highly unethical “you can make it almost overnight with little or no effort required” opportunities.

These are sometimes referred to as “Shiny Object Syndromes” that seem highly attractive but in most cases cause the new marketer to lose focus and spend way more than they should to get started online.



Be careful!

There were many difficult and treacherous paths before you, especially if you are just starting out.

But there are ways to minimize your chance of failure and avoid another of the biggest hurdles faced by many online marketers, both new and more established….

This is the critical issue of “information overload” that has ruined the success of many new marketers.

There is also that HUGE basic human need to find support and guidance in a community they can feel comfortable in. 

Finally there is the critical element of having an online relationship available where the know, like and trust factors can really start to flourish – this can and will greatly determine a person’s potential success and profitability online.

Want to completely avoid those feelings devastation and disappointment?

Want to join an online community that is totally supportive, non- threatening and comprised of people just like you together with some of the best internet marketing training available online today?

Want to have access to a wide and ever-expanding range of products that come with one of the highest converting sales funnels online?

Want to join an organization that does all the selling and customer follow up for you?

Want to avoid those feelings of misery, disappointment and devastation that the Scots are feeling rightScotland Rugby World Cup team now after their Rugby World Cup 2015 quarter-final experience?

Then click the link below and discover for yourself how you can be amongstthe 3% online who make it – not the 97% who fail and fail with misery, disappointment and devastation. 

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  1. Hi Andy,

    Many thanks for your supportive comment and glad you enjoyed the post. As a proud Englishman I can appreciate how you felt re your team’s performances in the Rugby World Cup. And no I will not take advantage of the situation just because I’m a proud Aussie.

    Its sad that so many internet marketers suffer those feelings of frustrstion and despair and you’re right there are way too many online vultures just waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of an inexperienced newbie marketer. But that’s the real world we live in unfortunatley. Hopefully new online marketers can learn some valuable lessons from this post and give themselves are far better chance to achieve success online.

    Thanks again for your feedback Andy and best wishes to you and English Rugby!

  2. Hello Adrienne,

    Thank you so much and I love your brilliant feedback. Sports like life can provide both the excitement of success and the feelings of despair and disappointment. I appreciate you are not a big sports fan but the emotional roller coaster plus the appreciation of outstanding skills is the reason I follow many sports.

    There are so many lessons we can learn from sport including the skills associated with teamwork and leadership as well as how best to handle all those emotions!

    The very feelings I see expressed everyday by online marketers who have lost their way, failing to find success or simply giving up on their dreams prompted me to link with the Rugby World Cup experience with Scotland and Australia – update: The governing body of the Rugby World Cup announced today that the referee’s decision to award a penalty kick to Australia was wrong. This will probably make the pain of defeat by 1 point almost unbearable by the Scots!

    My suggestion to all those struggling online marketers was to at least have a look at the option I provided in my post as based on personal experience is has been extremely valuable and profitable to me and my little biz.

    Thank you again for your meaningful comment and I can clearly see why you indeed are the “Queen of Blog Engagement”

    My best wishes and please come again – it was an honor to have you visit with me


  3. As an internet marketer, I am amazed at how some customers speak to me at the first sign of problems. REALLY RUDE. They forget that there is a real person on the end of this computer. People would never deal with folks in shops this way – or perhaps they would!

    • Hey Paul,

      Thanks for your visit and comment – means a lot to me. It’s a sad reflection on our modern lifestyles that people these days are always in a hurry, never seem to listen clearly or spend the time to understand what is being shown to them. This always results in knee-jerk reactions resulting often in poor decisions.

      In the IM niche we are surrounded by so many “offers” that so be frank, many are a complete waste of time. People who fall for these less than dubious opportunities discover sooner rather than later that their purchase will not deliver what they were promised.

      apart from wanting “success overnight” so to speak, this type of experience adds fuel to the existing fire of disappointment and skepticism and results in the experiences you have sadly had online.

      My post was simply trying to link the Rugby World Cup emotions to that commonly seen in internet marketing and providing an alternative solution that can avoid these pains. Plus to be totally open and frank by linking to a big trending sports event like the Rugby World Cup 2015, I was hoping to generate more traffic to this post.

      Thanks again for your feedback mate

    • Hi Jackie,
      Love your entrepreneurial spirit – with or without all the “manic”, controversy and emotion!Best wishes for your continued success online.

  4. Yes I’m an Aussue and absolutely no disrespect to the Scots who played their hearts out in a fantastic game of footy. But there is no doubt their are some hot emotions still flying aound today. Have you experienced these emotions as aninternet marketer? Let me know in your comments

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