Rugby World Cup 2015 – Controversy and Emotion

There was an emotional hard fought quarter final of the Rugby World Cup 2015 played between Scotland and Australia.

Fantastic running rugby mixed with moments of brilliance, devastation and heartbreak as Australia clinched a hotly debated victory in the last seconds of the game 35-34.

This game had it all including it's fair share of controversy that has resulted in the South African referee Craig Joubert being subjected to a crowd-sourced lifetime ban from the bonnie shores of Scotland 

Rugby World Cup 2015Whether the ref's decisions were correct or not the result still stands and the  Rugby World Cup 2015 tournament moves on.

This is the real world of rugby and sport.

Whilst ever there is spirited competition in sport (and don't we all want that!) the possibilities of having decisions go against you or the team you support will be there – it's all part of life and the glory of sport.

The emotions running through every Scot today including anger, devastation and bitter disappointment arerugby_world_cup6 similar to the feelings so often experienced by new online marketers trying to get established online.

Although there is no “match referee” in internet marketing, far too often people doing their best to get started online fall victim to hype, confusion and in many instances, online predators who live on the ignorance, inexperience and naivete of the newbie marketers.

There are far too many predatory sales letters out there all designed to take your money and keep you coming back for more.

shiny object syndrome1If their quest for success is urgent then they can easily fall prey to another treacherous practice….

Chasing those highly promoted but highly unethical “you can make it almost overnight with little or no effort required” opportunities.

These are sometimes referred to as “Shiny Object Syndromes” that seem highly attractive but in most cases cause the new marketer to lose focus and spend way more than they should to get started online.



Be careful!

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