How To Optimize Your Income From Every Website Visitor?


Are you getting the most out of every visitor to your website?

“Conversions” is the name of the game and you need to have a clear idea of what your website conversion goals really are.

Traffic is hard enough to get so let’s not waste any opportunities in being able to provide as much value as we can to all our visitors.


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To do this we need to create a CONVERSION FUNNEL (sometimes referred to as a sales funnel but “sales” may not be your only object

This requires some thinking and planning.


First you need to decide what your goals are for a particular marketing campaign.

Maybe its list building or brand awareness or sales or a combination of all 3.

Whatever your goals are make sure you are clear about what you are hoping to achieve with your visitors.

flowchartCreate A Simple Flow Chart

You could even set this out in a flow chart that shows exactly how you aree going to handle every visitor that comes to your site for any particular campaign.

Planning your flow chart will make it easier for you to then go step-by-step in implementing the various strategies you need to do at each stage of your website conversion funnel.




Test, Test and Test Again

Once you have implemented your flow chart which must include your follow-up tactics and strategies then you need to continually test the conversion results against your goals.

When it comes to “sales conversions” you need to have a good handle on how you position (and price) your front-end and back-end offers.

You need to have your website visitor follow a logical and attractive pathway through your sales funnel – starting from your “freebie” offfer to your high-ticket offers in the back-end.

You do this with an understanding that only a very few visitors will move through your funnel to your back-end offers.

Follow Up Strategiessuccess is in the follow up

This is where your planning comes in – you need to be able to follow-up effectively with those visitors who want to exit your funnel at any stage.

Follow up can be done via email, SMS marketing, telephone, video and most commonly these days via Retarget Marketing (sometimes called “reminder marketing”). No doubt you have seen this in action already when you say, visit Amazon and check out some items there and then move on to Facebook and check on your friends and low and behold…you see in your newsfeed a promotion for the very item you were just recently checking out on Amazon.

retarget marketingThis is not “fluke marketing” but rather a very well planned strategic “retarget marketing” promotion campaign utilizing a pixel that you were given that enables promoters to follow you around the web. Sounds a bit sneaky but I assure you its perfectly legal and an extremely effective marketing strategy.

This follow up takes time (and money re retargeting promotions) but it also can be the most profitable part of any campaign.


Bear in mind it’s natural for people to take their time to make some decisions – especially if the decision involves a significant investment. Plus people usually need to be made aware of offers on numerous occasions before they will take any action.

Is This All New To You?

Does all this sounds a bit complicated? Do you think you can implement your own conversion goals and funnels?

Well its not really if you simply take it step by step.

However, most new internet marketers are not even aware of the importance of “conversions” and that’s why they usually struggle for any success.

An Easy Solution For You

There are easy “conversion” solutions available and if you are interested here is a link to a “done-for-you” business system (all the sales conversions are done for you!) that has weekly live coaching, step-by-step training (on everything you need), a private but very enthusiastic and supportive community group plus on-going daily support. 

[emvid btn_color=”orange” btn_icon=”money.png” btn_url=”” btn_text=”Click Here Where All The Selling Is Done For You!” btn_size=”large” btn_pos=”undefined” redir_settings=”]

All you need to focus on is driving traffic and have someone else do all the selling for you.

This is very appealing to many people and the conversions of this internet marketing model are some of the highest online.

However, it must be said that your success with this business model obviously depends on the quality of traffic you are sending.

But you can get started today and discover for yourself how this highly ethical business model works out for you.

What About Your Traffic?

Now if traffic is your worry now then that’s the easy bit.

Here’s a recent video post about “profitable traffic” that you may want to check out.

I must tell you that the key is “targeted traffic” and definitely NOT traffic volume. Watch the video on my post for more details on this critical area.

Your Turn

Please let me know in your comments if you need help with your conversions OR your traffic? What are your biggest challenges right now? I look forward to hearing from you and I always respond.

Peter Beckenham

I'm an Aussie entrepreneur who lives and runs his online sales & marketing coaching business from a remote Thai village. I help small businesses to build authority, attract quality leads and generate sales If you enjoyed your visit with me then SUBSCRIBE TO MY TRIBE where you will get lots of tips, ideas and practical, down-to-earth information about how to make the most of your online business journey.

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  1. You’ve definitely delivered the goods Peter!

    And I love what you’ve shared with regards to “Retarget marketing,” because
    that makes perfect sense to follow with potential prospects in that manner!

    And have the initial proper plan and a highly functional (meaning) a market
    tested sales funnel, are definitely mandatory!

    Thanks (as always) for sharing some extremely practical real world advice!

    • Hey Mark,

      Retargeting is the name of the game that’s for sure. I have known this for some time but my initial results were not that spectactular because my follow FB advertising was not that brilliant. But slowly, slowly I learned from my mistakes and finally got some much better results.
      Best wishes as always Mark


  2. Thanks Peter!

    This is a very sound approach and it’s proven!I love the way
    you are going deep and far below the surface of this particular
    evergreen subject!

    Often times, the gurus just skim the surface o a subject in order
    to really get our greed glands stimulated! But you’re actually an educator!

    And a darn good one!Thanks so much for sharing some real meat!

    • Hi Mark,

      Really appreciate your kind feedback mate. Actually in a former life I was a senior high school ecomomics teacher so it looks like those skills are still showing! Email marketing is just so important and sadly so many folks don’t give it the attention it needs ….and for sure they may well sduffer the same esperiences I did in my ignorance!

      All the very best Mark and come backagain soon

  3. Hi Andy,

    Many thanks for your valuable feedback – greatly appreciated as always. It’s so important for anyone with a website to simply sit down and work out clearly what they want to achieve with every page they create. Are they looking for subscribers, sales, branding or a combination of these? Once you have a clear understanding of exactly what your goals are then its becomes easy to optimize what you have on your site. “Conversions” are the life-blood of all online marketers as long as they know what type of conversions they are seeking!

  4. Hi Peter,

    This is an excellent post with important points. People often focus on the ‘what’ before the ‘why’, both with their strategy and with with regards to the results they get.

    You absolutely have to know your ‘why’ in order to do things most effectively. You need to know why it is you’re doing what you’re doing. “To make money” is not good enough, it has to go deeper than that. Once you have that figured out you are much better equipped to plan your strategy as to how to reach that ‘why’.

    The other ‘why’ people need to focus on is why are they trying to get the results they are after. For example, why are they trying to get traffic? Sure, we could all drive thousands of visitors through our sites, but unless they are going to do something once here, they are or little to no value. As you pointed out, we need conversions. In order to get conversions we need traffic. Ah, but what kind of traffic? Targeted traffic, preferably warm. And if it isn’t warm when it gets here then we should be aiming to warm it up! Just focusing on the ‘why’ of traffic numbers is looking at things backwards. We need to establish why it is that we want traffic in the first place.

    Having addressed our ‘whys’, both in the areas of our ultimate motivation and our goals for the particular tasks or results upon which we’re focusing, we should find ourselves having much more clarity and have a much better idea of exactly how to go about reach our goals.

    Thanks for the great post, Peter, I hope all’s well over there. 🙂


    • Hi Glenn,

      Appreciate your extremely thoughtful comment mate. The “why” is what drives me very single day and its also become my passion in life. For me to help the kids in my Thai village I have to give as much value as I can as a relatively new (not young!) marketer. My focus is on helping first and by doing so I hope to build the know, like and trust factor of my subscribers and my readers – this is how I intend to improve my conversion potential – andas you said the quality of traffic even though its important, comes second to the ob=verall reason of why I am doing any of the tasks/strategies online.

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