Sales Funnel Secret Success Formula

A Great Sales Funnel Has Traffic + Conversions = Sales Revenue

This is the simple secret success formula of any sales funnel.

An effective sales funnel includes :

Getting targeted traffic
To a valuable targeted offer
That is optimized to convert
So that you can makes sales and create profits

This is the formula that allows you and anyone else to make money on the internet

Watch the video as it details the key aspects of a successful and profitable sales funnel

Remember the last time you purchased something online and then you were presented with another offer, an upsell or a “one-time-offer”?

How did you feel right at that moment?

The answer to that question will determine if you continue to do business with that vendor or feel sorry you even purchased the original product.

Being able to keep you interested, involved and enthusiastic is the secret to your success as an online marketer.

This is EXACTLY what allows you to make money online. 

sales funnelThis Formula Controls Everything – Traffic PLUS Conversions
If you get traffic but no conversions – no sales
If you have a conversion capacity but no traffic – still no sales
No Sales = No Money
Need BOTH parts to be working to have a successful online biz
If you cannot create any customers then have no business!

Role Of Sales Funnel Is To:
Attract Targeted Visitors – people who are interested in what you have to offer
Build List of Leads – to follow up with
Convert Leads to Paying Customers as possible
Convert Customers Into “Repeat Customers” – can purchase multiple products/services from you
Convert Customers into High Ticket/Back End Services

Key Steps of Your Sales Funnel Are:

sales funnel 1. An attractive, highly perceived value free offer
2. A highly relevant Front-End offer
3. Upsells made immediately the front-end offer is accepted but these offers must complement and in fact build on the initial “freebie” offer.
4. Back End Offers that further build on the value provided to customers in the sales funnel.

These funnels are quite simple in their design but are extremely challenging to make them effective.

Requires constant monitoring and tweaking of everything from fonts to images to offers to price points as well as some email marketing expertise

Factors That Will Effect Your Conversion Rates:

Quality of  your traffic – optins are the real measure. Responsiveness is far more important re “conversion potential”  

Click this link for my video blog post about “Profitable Traffic Generation” 

Perceived value of initial “freebie” offer – if this doesn't work then your list building is dead in the water!

Follow up – make sure your emails always have a focus on entertaining and giving value 

This builds relationships – Know, Like and Trust

Few leads ever become customers – and fewer still move through your entire sales funel. 

Quality and Relevance of front-end offer

New customer's perception of your upsell

Quality and price points of your backend offers

Is This Sales Funnel Thing All Too Hard?

Maybe you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or confused with all this “profitable sales funnel” discussion. Sure it's extremely important, in fact effective and profitable conversions are vital to your success online. But don't panic just yet.

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Your Turn

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