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Affiliate Marketing – A Guide for Complete Beginners Part 1

affiliate marketingThe high failure rate of beginners trying out affiliate marketing is both well known and very disturbing. The figures thrown around range from 85% to 97%. I don’t know the real number but these failure rates use a time period of less than 120 days. Yes, just 3 months.

However, despite these startling figures affiliate marketing is, and will continue to be, one of the most profitable ways to make money on the internet.


Let me ask you why are you reading this post?

Does this mean you are a beginner affiliate marketer or someone who is struggling a bit with your affiliate marketing?

To be honest I don’t know but it would be great if you told me all about your situation in your comments below because as a blogger (and an affiliate marketer) I’d love to connect with you if you feel that you got something of real value from this post.

My blog is my place or my home online but in reality its my welcome mat as well.

And in this series of posts I am specifically welcoming those folks who are beginner affiliate marketers facing the problem of not being able to make any money so far with this well-known business model.

If that sounds like you then I am very pleased to have created something that will help you.

You see recently I did a podcast post about the deadly mistakes many marketers make online and as a result I had many people asking me for help.

They wanted something in layman’s language that simply explains what affiliate marketing is all about and how can you make money with it.

Does this sound of interest to you as well? If so I’m very excited to have you visit me today. 

So here it is.

The topic “affiliate marketing” is too important and too big to cover in just one post so I have created a 4 part series about this very popular form of making money online.

Am I one of the top affiliate marketers? No I am not anywhere near the best marketers who are earning millions of dollars with this business model. But I have lots of experience and have also made my own 4 figure affiliate commission days.

If you are reading this then I assume that you don’t know very much (or nothing at all) about marketing online.

However, if you are an experienced and successful affiliate marketer I also welcome you to comment and add your 2 cents worth to this conversation. Thanks for that.

This is a “Beginner’s Guide” will take you step by step though the process of getting started making money on the internet as an affiliate marketer.

Prefer to Listen Instead to My Dulcet Tones?

If you prefer to listen then here’s my podcast version BUT please dont forget to leave me your comments below – that’s the “lifebood of my business” and your feedback is always appreciated so much.

In this Part 1 of this 4 part Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners and will cover:

What Really Is Affiliate Marketing?
What does “marketing” involve?
How does affiliate marketing actually work?
Your Unique Affiliate Link
What are the Different Types of Affiliate Programs?
The big advantages of affiliate marketing
If affiliate marketing is popular why do so many beginners fail?
The downsides of affiliate marketing
What are these front-end and back-end products I hear about?
The critical importance of an email list

So let’s get started.

What Really Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing in simple terms (that even I can understand) is where you as the affiliate send traffic to a vendor’s offer (giving them a referred customer) and the vendor pays you (the affiliate) if a sale or some other agreed action takes place.

“Internet traffic” according to Wikipedia is “sometimes used to describe web traffic, the amount of data sent and received by visitors of a particular web site.”

People (or more correctly their email addresses) that you send to a vendor’s sales page is data.

The more interested the people are in a particular offer, the more “targeted” we say that particular trafficaffiliate marketing is.

As an affiliate marketer you will be selling other people’s product for an agreed commission.

This happens when you send preferably targeted customers to the product owner’s purchasing page (often referred to a a sales page for obvious reasons) via an affiliate link or banner that you have created.

Obviously if you send the right person to the right offer you have a far better chance of making a sale and getting paid.

As an affiliate marketer you are always “marketing” someone’s products to potential customers. In other words you are finding customers for a product owner (vendor) who then pays you a commission if the “sale” takes place.

If you want to start earning money online then affiliate marketing is probably the quickest and cheapest way to get going.

Notice I didn’t say “the easiest“ way because once you read this series of posts you will realize that it also take a lot of work.

Note: I don’t know any ways to make money online that don’t require a lot of effort.  Just recently I was asked “Peter, help please. How can I make a guaranteed $500 this week” and my answer was sorry but I don’t know.

I’m going to assume to start with that you probably don’t know too much at all about the online marketplace except when you’ve been a customer.

As an affiliate marketer you now have to position yourself as a seller not a customer.

This is the complete opposite but to be successful as an affiliate marketer it’s always valuable to think like the customer when you are marketing your offers.

Think about how you’d like to be approached and make sure you do this in your marketing.

In other words DO NOT try to sell everyone that ever graces your doorstep online.

So many affiliate marketers set up their blogs and simply try to sell everything they can to anyone they can.

This is stupid and believe I should know because I tried that as well when I first got going online and the results were disastrous!

That type of affiliate marketing strategy is a sure way to fail very quickly online.

Trust me here please and follow this advice.

To be a successful affiliate marketer you need to be able to HELP people first before you even think about selling anything. And to help others as a beginner you’re going to need to educate yourself a little.

More on this important aspect of continuous learning later.

Just to make sure you can get your head around some of the main terms used in affiliate marketing throughout this series I will provide simple explanations (with apologies to you if you are already familiar with them).

What Does “Marketing” Involve?

In simple terms “Marketing” is promoting or selling goods and services.

The marketing process involves quite a few elements including:

a. Deciding your preferred target audience of prospects and understanding what their needs are. Their needs are usually “pain points” or problems that they’d like solved.

b. Marketing also includes you, as an affiliate marketer, finding the most relevant product solution for your target prospects.

c. Then you simply send your targeted prospects to the sales page of your most relevant product solution.

If they buy then you get paid.

affiliate marketingHow Does Affiliate Marketing Actually Work?

There are 3 main parties involved with all affiliate marketing processes.

Merchants, affiliates and customers

A. The merchant or Advertiser is the Product Owner 


In affiliate marketing the advertiser is a person or a company who pays other people to help them sell their products or services.

B. The Affiliate 

The affiliate (that’s you!) usually publishes an advertisement on your website or blog.

In affiliate marketing you are sometimes referred to as “a publisher” as you can place promotions or banners on your website as a way of generating interest n your affiliate offers – and hopefully getting paid a commission when someone clicks on them.

I must admit that even though I also have a few affiliate banners on my blog I think most people these days suffer from “banner blindness” as they seem to be everywhere online.

C. The Customer

The consumer is an individual who sees the advertisement (or the link) and decides to click and discover what it’s all about- and then maybe buys!

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Your Unique Affiliate Link

When you join an affiliate program and choose the products that you want to sell you are then provided with your own unique affiliate code or link.

You use this link when you are referring traffic to a particular affiliate offer.

Your affiliate links can be text based or even banners with your own code embedded in them.

When interested visitors click on your affiliate links they get redirected to the vendor’s sales page and if they purchase a product or subscribe to a service then you as the referrer make a commission.

The ID of your unique affiliate link can be tracked by the seller and this is how they know how much commission to pay you.

What are the Different Types of Affiliate Programs?

Well to start with you don’t need to sell products every time to make a commission.

Affiliate programs use different payment terms such as:

  • Pay per Sale (PPS): In this program the merchant (seller) pays you a percentage of the sale price when the purchase is completed (e.g. 50%).
  • Pay per Click (PPC): In this program as an affiliate marketer you get paid simply based on the number of visitors you send to the merchant’s website via your affiliate link, whether or not a sale is made.
  • Pay per Lead (PPL): In this type of program you get paid as an affiliate marketer once the referred visitors provide their contact information on the target site by filling out a simple contact form.

The Big Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

 The major advantages of this model as an affiliate are:

You do not have to create any products

You have no customer management issues to worry about

It’s relatively easy to get set up and started for very little outlay (depending on the type of traffic you use)

You can run this business from anywhere in the world – even sitting on a beach if the wifi works there!

It’s a great model and many have made millions of dollars using this model.


If Affiliate Marketing is So Popular Why Do So Many Beginners Fail?

Many new (and not so new) affiliate marketers have failed but there’s no real mystery here.

The main reasons they fail is that they lack consistency and persistency (yes you actually have to work for your money – there’s no magic solutions).

In other words people give up too soon.affiliate marketing

One of the underlying reasons for their lack of success is the “quality of their traffic.”

The “quality of the traffic” is based on the interest and needs of the prospective customers (your traffic) that you send to your affiliate offers.

To use a simple example, if you sent a group of dog lovers to a high protein cat food site then you obviously wouldn’t expect many (or any) sales to occur. Agree?

Another important success factor is the relevance of their affiliate offer (or more importantly the conversion rate of their sales page).

The “conversion” rate is simply how good the sales page is at grabbing the attention of your traffic (prospects); holding and then building their interest long enough for them to make a buying decision.

The actual conversion rate is a combination of the traffic quality and the effectiveness of the sales page.

Rates can vary widely but for typical digital affiliate marketing offers don’t expect rates higher than 1 or 2% as a beginner. In other words for every 100 customers you send to your affiliate offers you may get only 1 sale if any at all.

Sure it’s a numbers game but there’s also other important factors that come into play that we’ll look at later in this series.

There is a huge affiliate product range that should provide the affiliate marketer with exactly the right product solution they are seeking.

This product range includes digital affiliate marketing offers” are things like ebooks, video and audio files, reports, images, software and even webinars. All these digital products can be quickly and easily delivered to and downloaded by customers.

The advantage of dealing with digital products is that vendors are often happy to pay much higher commissions for your affiliate marketing efforts since they have no further labor or overhead costs to affect profitability.

Affiliate marketing can also involve a whole range of physical products like books, computer equipment, telephones, clothing, jewelry – the list is endless.

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Here’s the Truth!

Despite all the variety of affiliate products available there are no guaranteed quick results here and that’s also why many new affiliate marketers fail.

It’s a matter of incorrect expectations and a completely wrong mindset.

So many new affiliate marketers expect (and desperately want) almost instant success. They often come into this business model with huge existing debt levels and/or lack of cash funds, seeking a quick solution to their existing financial problems.

This is not a quick fix and to be honest if you don’t have some funds available to invest in your new online venture then I would strongly suggest you forget affiliate marketing until such time that you have available funds.

This is a business not a charity operation.

The affiliate marketing role is a journey that takes time, lots of effort and some money to achieve even moderate success.

It seems logical now to follow this moment of truth about affiliate marketing with a few other aspects you must take into account.

The Downsides of Affiliate Marketing

One of the problems of affiliate marketing is if you simply send traffic directly to a vendor’s offer you do not own the customer.

In fact you will never get their contact details and, unlike the vendor, you cannot market to them over and over again.

You also only get paid once so you have to keep sending traffic to vendors to maintain your income levels. 

Finally you also have no control over the vendor who may remove their product at any time or even reduce the commission payments.

What Are These Front-End and Back-end Products I Hear About?

 The real money made online is not with the lower priced front-end products that most affiliate marketers focus on but rather on the back-end higher priced offers.

“Front end” products are usually cheaper priced products that can vary in price from zero to say $500.

Yes you can still get paid for products that have no price as the offer may not be a product sale but rather the collection of a lead.

“A lead” is your prospect’s contact details like name, email, phone number, location etc.

affiliate marketingThe Critical Importance of an Email List

As an affiliate marketer if you are not building your own email list then when you send your traffic to the vendor you simply got paid to build their “buyers list!”

Because many vendors do not offer you the chance to earn affiliate incomes on their “back-end” or higher priced products.


These products can be thousands of dollars that the vendor then offers to the prospects you sent who purchased the lower priced front end offers.

But all is not lost as there are options where you can participate as an affiliate in BOTH the front end and back end products.

If getting access to both front-end AND back-end affiliate products is of interest to you let me know in your comments below.

You can make affiliate marketing work even more successfully for you IF you just take a few extra steps before sending the prospect to the vendor.

These extra steps involve you creating targeted traffic to a free gift offer you have and then capturing those leads for your own email list.

By “targeted traffic” in this situation I mean prospects who have some interest in the free gift you are offering in exchange for their contact details.

By building your own email list you then can build relationships with that list and over time make continuous relevant affiliate offers to your subscribers.

List building and email marketing are big topics in their own right and I have created posts on these already.

To keep this post fully focused I am not going to cover the list building options for beginner affiliate marketers. I just wanted to point out the real advantages of being able to regularly offer your affiliate marketing offers to your very own list.

This is a far better option than simply sending traffic directly to an affiliate product sales page. If you follow the latter process you will only get one shot with those leads and then they are then gone forever.

That’s it for part 1 in this 4 part series.

Don’t miss my next post for Part 2 that covers:

7 Key Reasons Why You Should Consider Affiliate Marketing
How Can I Make Money From Affiliate Marketing?
What Affiliate Programs Should I Select?

It’s Your Turn

I know just how busy you must be so many thanks for taking the time to leave me your comments.

As a beginner affiliate marketer what were the key things you got from this post?
hat has been your biggest struggle as an affiliate marketer?
Would you like some help with your affiliate marketing?


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  1. What a fabulous and extremely helpful post Peter!

    And I really like the way you carefully explained the variations
    of different types of income streams, that don’t involve actual
    affiliate marketing per se.

    Like the CPC or CPL methods and the pro’s & con’s of just getting paid
    to build a marketers list!

    Most newbies have no idea, that’s what they’re actually doing!This is such
    an excellent post,and extremely informative, on so many levels, I can’t wait to finish
    the entire series!

    • Hello Mark and welcome back to my place my friend,

      Thank you so very much not just for your kind and supportive comments but for taking the time mto actually leave me this feedback.

      I truly respect how busy folks are these days.

      When online marketers like you Mark, take time out of their busy schedules to provide feedback and add value to my post, it is very much appreciated.

      Actually I was not sure if I went too far for beginners when I talked about the different types of income streams so your feedback on this is very helpful mate. Thanks again.

      Mark as someone I truly respect as an online marketer, I will be very much looking forward to seeing your feedback on the rest of this 4 part series about affiliate marketing.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger come affiliate marketer


  2. Hey Peter,

    Just what I have come to expect when I visit your site. A beautifully thought out post packed full of very useful information not only great for beginners with affiliate marketing but also those who have had some success but may have lost their way a little.

    Over the past couple of months I have learned so much from this blog, particularly what to focus on and what to leave alone.

    Great work Peter, I will be back for more soon.

    Regards, Gordon

    • Hello and welocme back Gordon,

      Thank you my friend. I am truly delighted that my posts have helped you.

      Comments like this mean so very much to me as it makes all the effort of blog post creation well worthwhile.

      Always appreciate your visits and your feedback Gordon and if there is anything in particular I can help you with re affiliate marketing please just ask.

      I am no guru but always happy to share and help if I possibly can.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer


  3. Hey Peter
    Great Job Man!! It is such a useful and helpful tutorial.
    I remember the days when I started it was too difficult for me understand what actually is affiliate marketing is?but after reading this post I am sure that it will be helpful for even newbies like I was!!
    Thanks keep it up!!

    • Hello Jenie and thanks for visiting my place.

      Thanks for your kind and supportive comment – greatly appreciated.

      I actually have created this series of 4 posts especially for beginner affiliate marketers because just like you, I clearly remember being totally confused and lost when I first started out online.

      And that wasn’t all that long ago either! But we learn fast these days – or we perish!

      Hopefully beginner affiliate marketers will find this series of posts and save themselves so much time, trouble and heart ache.

      If they do then I know I have done a great job in helping the folks in my target audience.

      Thanks again Jenie.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger come affiliate marketer


  4. Affiliate marketing can be tough, especially when you are starting out. There are affiliate marketing programs out there that actually look for more experienced sales people. so they place requirements on if you can even become an affiliate of that product. To all the beginners in affiliate marketing I do recommend Clickbank as a starting place and go from there.

    • Hello Nazish and welcome to my place,

      I totally agree with you that for beginners affiliate marketing can be a challenge IF you don’t have a simple implementation plan.

      And yes you’re right. Too many programs make it extremely difficut for newbie marketers to get going.

      Too many marketers simply go to somewhere like Clikbank, search through the marketplace and then try to sell whatever grabs their interest. This is absolutely the wrong way to proceed as a beginner affiiiate marketer.

      If you know any beginner affiliate marketers then I’d recommend they check out this Free Affiliate Marketing Video. Hope it helps.

      Thanks for your visit and taqking the time to provide your feedback – greatly apprecaited Nazish

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger come affiliate marketer


  5. Hey Peter,

    What an exceptionally thorough post.

    Gosh, I remember my early days of affiliate marketing and I found it confusing back then. I think for anyone starting online who may not yet know what it is that they want to do then this is the direction they should go.

    It’s not as easy though as a lot of people make it out to be which is why I think those eager to learn will really appreciate what you’re sharing. Having done this yourself, been successful promoting products, so how to go about all of this, priceless.

    I’m not really involved in it these days in the sense that I’m building sites and promoting products. I do promote products though through my affiliate link but that’s just when someone asks me what I use and they buy it through my link. The trust factor is huge here so another really awesome point to share.

    I look forward to what you’ll be sharing next Peter and I know it will cover so much more.

    Enjoy your week and hope your internet connection is much better this week.


    • Hello Adrienne and welcome back to my place,

      Thank you for your kind supportive words re this series of posts.

      I actually created them based on the frustration and confusion I still clearly remember feeling when I first started out with my affiliate marketing – aznd that was not all that long ago either!

      Hopefully this series will save a lot of folks a lot of time, worry and frustration.

      To be able to offer this “no strings attached” service to my blog readers is something that I have really want to deliver for some time and its been a bit of a labor of love!

      But I’m pleased with the result and looking forward to seeing the feedback from some beginner affiliate marketers.

      Yes I appreciate that you have moved on from the affiiate marketing focus Adrienne but many beginner affiliate marketers may never reach your level as a product creator and site builder.

      However, these folks can still do very well for themselves as an affiliate marketer if they follow what I am laying out for them over this series of 4 posts.

      As always its was a real pleasure to have you valuable comment added to this post Adrienne – thank you so much.

      Our interent connections are terrible but I’ll keep battling on – big improvements are on the horizon I’m told!

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger come affiliate marketer


  6. Great article Peter on Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be tough, especially when you are starting out. There are affiliate marketing programs out there that actually look for more experienced sales people (like Jvzoo). so they place requirements on if you can even become an affiliate of that product. To all the beginners in affiliate marketing I do recommend Clickbank as a starting place and go from there. I look forward to the rest of your affiliate marketing series and thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Hi Todd and welcome to my place online,

      You are absolutely right – affiliate marketing can sure be a tough game to succeed in but with the right guidance I’m sure a lot more beginner affiliate marketers will enjoy success – wel that’s my objective anyway and I’m determined to gove it my best shot.

      JVZoo does make it hard for new affiliate vmarketers and that’s why in my post I did not recommend this site for beginners.

      Yes ClickBank is one of the very best places to start if you’re brand new online – I actually have a far better place right here for beginners to start their affiliate marketing journey.

      Appreciate very much your visit and your thoughtful comment Todd

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger come affiliate marketer


    • Hello Mansi and welcome back,

      Quality traffic is the name of the game thats for sure.

      Without good quality traffic affiliate marketers will always struggle to make sales and commissions.

      The key issue for affiliate marketers is what is the best quality traffic and I’m suggesting the best traffic comes from people who subscribe to your blog.

      They already know something about you and can see who you are, what you stand for, who your target audience is and how they can help you. If you want an example of this check out my Start Here page.

      Many thanks for your visit and feedback Mansi

      Best wishes from Thailand


  7. Thanks for the post! Certainly covering a lot of FAQ’s here & I’m looking forward to the next 3 parts to be honest.
    the ‘open loop post’ brilliant idea.

    For me personally affiliate marketing is a great starting point. But for me the system there is flawed because you’re typically giving up a lead for front end value commissions. Not always the case of course BUT is so most of the time.

    Our leads, email list, prospects are everything.

    And even to give them up for an affiliate product, say 90% of a $49 sale which is $44.10 seems like a good deal it really isn’t. When we consider the standard old rule of 1 subscriber is worth $1 per month.

    Say you have 20,000 subscribers over a span of 1 year that’s $240,000 assuming your list doesn’t grow.

    However if you give that lead away its more money INITIALLY BUT long term you lose the subscriber it can no longer be replicated & we therefore rely on MORE subscribers and MORE sales to survive.

    Anyway just my thoughts Peter I did enjoy the post thank you for sharing, sir. #successwithsamii

    • Hi Sam and welcome back to my place mate,

      Always great to have another Aussie adding to my posts and your feedback is always much appreciated.

      Actually the “open loop” post was really so I could take beginner affiliate marketers step by step through the entire process. Trying to do all that in one blog post was beyond my ability!

      When you say the system is “flawed” I assume you mean that if you are sending your leads direct to the vendor’s sales page then you are only getting the front-end commission and never seeing that lead again. This is true and also made worse if you, the affiiate marketer, never get the chance to earn any back-end commissions as well.

      Our email lists are our future online thats for sure Sam and that’s why we should always send the leads to oursleves first rather than straight to some sales page to then be lost forever in an affiliate marketing void.

      Your point about the value of a subscriber being worth $1 per month is an excellent one – the fact that as your list grows so does your recurring income potential is powerful.

      Just think as a beginner marketer, if you could reach say, 500 subscribers then over a period of time this list could be worth at least $500 per month to you.

      That’s what makes things come alive for affiliate marketers and yes we can all do this if we’re prepared to add value and nurture our email lists. – and not burn them out with over-enthusiastic sales offers.

      All this only goes to prove just how important it is for beginner affiliate marketers start their list building BEFORE they start trying to make quick one-off sales.

      Great to have your input Sam – many thanks

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village affiliate marketer come blogger


  8. Another cracking post Peter..
    Great grass roots info for all marketers….new & old especially the part about “working”..
    There are no fast tracks in this game The name of the game is educating yourself…..arm yourself with knowledge.
    Get connected with what’s happening Its a multi faceted business…..take the time to study it.
    PS I am currently still locked away in my own little world STUDYING…… Cheers Mate Darren

    • Hello Darren and welcome back to my place,

      Totally agree with you re the fact there are no “fast tracks” – sometimes I wish there were!

      We must always be learning and improving ourselves as well as getting connected – that is one of the big secrets to success as a blogger that’s for sure.

      Many thanks as always for your visit David and I hope you got a few affiliate marketing gems from this post.

      Please make sure you keep an eye our for my next post that will be part 2 in this series for beginner affiliate marketers.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger


  9. Hi Peter,

    This is excellent – I’m already looking forward to the next instalment!

    I liked the fact that you highlight the need for quality traffic. Anyone can buy junk traffic from solo ad vendors, but the key is to generate quality traffic.

    In my experience, the best way to do this is to focus more on warm audience building than cold market advertising.

    The other significant issue – which you’ve covered here – is list building. Every marketer needs to be building his/her list. From there they must cultivate the list regularly with the objective being to influence subscribers to do business!

    The bottom line is that newbie affiliate marketers make a terrible mistake if they just send traffic to the affiliate offer, without first capturing them as opt-ins for their email list.

    About back end offers; you and I know that the back end is where the money is. However, affiliates are often cut out of receiving big ticket commissions for high priced products, if offered by the product owner. They need to be careful to choose affiliate offers that pay more than peanuts. Otherwise, what’s the point?

    Thanks a lot, Peter


    • Heoo Kim and welcome back to my place,

      Its always great to have your valuable and experienced input. As a very successful affiliate marketer yourself the feedback you provided is extremely valuable. Thank you mate.

      Could not agree with you more when talking about building a “warm audience” – it takes way too much time to try and convert a “cold audience” like those from say, solo ads, and even then my success in coverting this type of traffic has been farily limited.

      Sure it look great to have a list of 5000 or 50000 but if they never open your emails what’s the point AND you’re still paying for them!

      The subscribers who come from my blog are just so much more engaged, interested and result in open rates 10 times higher than those cold leads.

      So many affiliate marketers actually do send their traffic direct to a vendors sales page rather than list build first and that is so disappointing as they are not going to make it online unless they have very deep pockets to keep buying more traffic.

      I just wonder hpw many affiliate marketers realize that they are being kept away from the real profits in the back-end products? Hopefully some wil read this post and hopefully click this link to uncover the dirty affiliate marketing secret that is going on right now.

      Thanks as always Kim – valuable feedback indeed

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger come affiliate marketer


  10. Hi Peter. Thanks for the post. I have some experience with affiliate and network marketing, and I pretty much treat them both the same. You actually pointed out the real difference between the two, at least the way I do it. As an affiliate marketer, the vendor is building their list and not sharing the info. Or course, you may (should) already have the customer on your own list. In network marketing both the vendor and the affiliate (me) get the contact info from the customer when they place an order, so I build my list at the same as the vendor.

    • Hi Ben and welcome to my place,

      Many thanks for taking the time to leave your excellent feedback,

      You raise an interesting point when you say you treat your affiliate marketing and network marketing the same. Of course this is based on the fact that you are building your list at the same time as your vendor (the network you belong to).

      However, have you ever stopped to consider what other needs your downline may have that are not covered by your vendor but could be met by other affiliate marketing offers? Here’s an opportunity for you to help your downline and at the same time build your revenue streams even more. Just an idea that’s all mate.

      Thanks again for your comment and make sure you don’t miss part 2 of this series that will be published next week.

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer


  11. Hi Peter,

    Totally, targeted traffic is the best kind of traffic but isn’t easy to find. We need to find cold traffic from time to time and turn it into hot traffic, it can be done with some work and great value.

    Peter you tried some PPL and PPC before? Can you share your results and the source (the affiliate network).

    Giving up isn’t an option for us, even on dark times we need to keep pushing and always working hard because no one will work for us or our dreams.

    Very complete, helpful and awesome content Peter! Congrats mate 🙂


    • Hi Nicolas and welcome back mate,

      Always enjoy your valuable feedback and thanks for adding to this post’s value.

      I’m not sure I really agree with you about how effectively you can convert “cold” purchased traffic into a subscribers that at least open their emails let alone click on the links you may have in your messages.

      A few months ago I tried some PPC with and Bing ads with limited success. To answer this question I just checked out my stats and found that the average cost per lead from Bing was 32 cents and that list has an open rate of 1.2%. The Facebook ads were a lot better as I targeted my audience a lot more and as a result the costs of my leads were 19 cents and that list has an open rate of 5.5%.

      The problem with both these lists is that I have never had a single click registered on any of my email links.

      However, the recent Facebook “Lead Ads” option may well give you a far better quality of email address rather than the usual rubbish email addresses you so often get from paid advertising.

      I’ve also tried solo ads for list building and the average cost was a little higher at around 39 cents an optin but once again the open and CLR (click-through rates) were very dissapointing.

      I hope this information help you Nicolas.

      All I know is that when I get subscribers from my blog (even from the exit pop I have) their open and engagment rates are so much higher than my paid advertising experiences. Sure its a lot slower a process but it works so much better for me.

      Totally agree with you Nicolas re “never giving up” It sure does take time and effort but the end result we all are aiming for is really worth it. Agreed?

      Best wishes from Thailand Nicolas and thanks again as always for your feedback – much appreciated


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