Words for Facebook Posts

WORDS THAT BOOST & BURN FACEBOOK POSTS If your Facebook posts are not getting shared then here are 4 words you need to keep in mind: We Love New Stuff Yep.  Just 4 words.  We Love New Stuff. Or if you want to be more conversational, people just love to share new content because there […]

StoryTelling for Business

GROW YOUR BIZ WITH STORIES Everyone loves a good story, but how can stories actually grow a business? Is there really a return on investment with storytelling? The short answer: Yes, absolutely. In fact, storytelling is so powerful, that I encourage you to think of yourself as a storyteller first, and a marketer second. If […]

How to Get More Sales?

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SALES PERFORMANCE WITHOUT BEING SALESY? Today I want to share with you how to do a sales presentation and improve your sales performances without being salesy. How to get more sales by understanding how to communicate to convert. Frankly, one of the things that bothered me about so many people’s presentations […]

Laws of Influence

THE 10 LAWS OF INFLUENCE Most people aren’t even aware of the Laws of Influence. They simply tend to act in accordance with them at a completely unconscious level. If people unconsciously follow these rules they will be happier and communicate well with others. However, if people don’t follow these rules they will run into […]

Communication Skills

COMMUNICATE NOT COMPLICATE! Today I’m sharing with you 6 communication tips that will prevent you from complicating your conversations – that usually ends in disaster Your ability to connect and communicate is key to success in life & business So, the following 4 communication skills are the essential starting point: Honesty – if you don’t […]


If ever you run out of content to share on social media, rather than simply quote some well-known authority or personality, why not use and/or create your own from this awesome list of anonymous quotations Some are ones you’ll never, ever use but they all may give you some great ideas So, enjoy and have […]

storytelling secrets

Storytelling Secrets

Storytelling Secrets In your business, you want to tell stories with a point. Those stories persuade people to take the actions you want them to take and lead them down the logical path to consume your content. The good news is, it’s not that hard once you have a simple system to follow.   I’m giving […]