Succeed As A Sage

SUCCEED AS A SAGE Whatever you do please don’t follow the crowd and become just another “brown box” online. Do everything you can to make you and your services remarkable and memorable In fact, you should consider becoming a SAGE to your clients and your network There are 3 levels of focus for entrepreneurs and […]

9 Step Business Success

9 STEP BUSINESS SUCCESS Whatever you do please don’t follow the crowd and become just another “brown box” online. Do everything you can to make you and your services remarkable and memorable Sadly, most business owners are simply “product sellers”. They operate like they’re in the dark ages. Laying out their goods and services… “Here’s […]

Eagles or Pigeons

Full Disclosure: I grabbed this critical concept from a great marketer called Dov Gordon. Warning: This text post is a little longer than normal but, in your heart, if you’re struggling in any way, READ IT ALL AND ACT ON THE LAST LINE And no this is not about me either. It’s all about YOU […]


PINTEREST POTENTIAL PROFITS  This PDF is not designed to be a comprehensive training program on Pinterest but rather just to pique your interest. I strongly encourage you to seek more information via Google, YouTube, and of course, Pinterest. The #1 factor to realize is that Pinterest is NOT another social media platform. To get the […]

Growing Your Biz

GROWING YOUR BIZ- SOME HOME TRUTHS  These Simple, Proven Strategies To Grow Your Biz by Serving Not Selling are for you if you want to learn how to break through the noise by becoming profoundly helpful and relevant. Peter Beckenham recommends that, if you sell something you make a customer today, but if you serve, […]

Marketing ROI

HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR MARKETING ROI COMPARISONS?  The spreadsheet you’ll get access to below will enable you to very easily compare and identify which ad spend is working best for you. The final decision depends on what you are seeing. It could be Return on Investment (ROI) but it also may be “Total Revenue” earned […]

Grow Your Business

HOW TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH PERSONAL TOUCHES?  There are so many techniques you can adopt to build your business with personal touches. Things like: Webinars, joint ventures, speaking engagements, podcasting, blogging, online courses, teleseminars, writing a book, advertising on Facebook or Google, SEO, publishing free content, live events, social media, email newsletters, enrollment conversations, […]

Business Growth

HOW TO PREDICT YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH?  Today I’m sharing some basic principles and maths to help you optimize your marketing strategies and get more predictable business growth. Whether you use organic or paid marketing strategies for optimal business growth make sure you only use the paid strategies to scale-up successful organic marketing strategies. Yes, paid […]

Marketing That Works

MARKETING THAT WORKS  You create blog posts consistently. You tweet like crazy. You may even post daily podcasts. You share your content everywhere. You create endless YouTube videos. You build a presence on Instagram, Slideshare, and Pinterest. Yep, you’ve done all this, and yep, fingers crossed, you hope that you build a tribe that loves […]

Lead Generation

3 STEP LEAD GEN PROCESS  If you want a lead generation system that works then you need to do one important thing before anything else… STOP looking for leads and start looking at “conversations” The key is to position yourself as a person of interest and authority. You need to cover the following critical steps: […]