The Future of Sales

THE FUTURE OF SALES WITH ANNA ROBSON AND PETER BECKENHAM Firstly, accept the fact that as a small business owner you are in sales – no sales means no business Find answers to the following key question when it comes to sales: Would you say that the way we sell or how we approach the […]

Your Business and COVID-19

YOUR BUSINESS AND COVID-19 Many small businesses and new startup ventures are on life support right now with the coronavirus pandemic – maybe that’s you right now To help you I’d like to share some ideas that may save your struggling business venture but please be aware we are all suffering from this unprecedented experience […]

7 Essential Success Strategies

7 ESSENTIAL SUCCESS STRATEGIES Are you wondering where in the hell do I go from here? Are you feeling embarrassed because of your entrepreneurial failure? Are you losing interest and passion for your business? If any of this sounds like you then check out the 7 Essential Success Strategies PDF download link below: 7 Essential […]

Business or Hobby

DO YOU OWN A BUSINESS OR A HOBBY? This will really challenge you, but in a constructive way, as I take you through an awareness of whether you’re being a business owner or a hobbyist. Be absolutely honest when you answer these questions as they can and will determine your success in business. Do you […]

Weeding Your Life & Biz?

ARE YOU WEEDING YOUR GARDEN? If you have a business is it really working out for you? If you look at your life If you look at what’s around you Is it all that you hoped for? The problem could be your garden needs weeding And your garden is both you and your business interests. […]

Irresistible Business

My Invitation to You – under the video you’ll find a complimentary 15-minute meeting offer to share 1 of your biggest sales challenges. IT’S TOUGH OUT THERE! Very competitive and not at all forgiving You need to differentiate yourself in order to be found. And even then you have to come up with great reasons […]

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You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

Are you setting up an online business or even thinking about doing so? Are you busy checking out all the online options and opportunities? Are you feeling a bit over-whelmed and confused?         Join Us Here: Don’t Do It All Alone Do you want to grow faster, make more money and be […]