Prospect Conversations

HOW TO CREATE CONVERSATIONS WITH PROSPECTS? This is not a step-by-step “how-to” but rather some thoughts that hopefully will guide you as to how best to initiate conversations with potential clients for your services. As a small business, you’re trying to build relationships with potential buyers. People buy from people they know, like, and trust. […]


HOW TO GET MORE PEOPLE TO SAY YES? Discover the simple framework that empowers more people to excitedly say YES more often to your offers and solutions. Once you know this framework of questions prospects and clients will feel empowered to be more open with you, share more information with you, enabling them to build […]

Power of Pacing

The power of pacing a sales conversation is when you walk alongside your prospect and let them know and FEEL that you understand the pain and their problem It’s very important to get clarity on this issue of EXACTLY what your prospect’s PROBLEM really is plus WHO are your ideal prospects? When you can describe […]

fear of sales rejection

Avoid Sales Rejection

If you’re sick and tired of facing rejection in your business every day then don’t skim over this post Rejection stinks. Sure we can’t be all things to all people so don’t even try. But, when you have your business offer rejected time and time again it’s either time you reassessed your offer or change […]

60-Second Video Formula

In today’s fast-moving social media world, the amount of time you have to grab people’s attention is very small – less than a few seconds at most. There are way too many things to distract people in the social media news feeds For example, the “average watch time” for Facebook videos is only SIX SECONDS! […]

Why Is Selling Difficult

Sales is hard. That’s why the really good get paid very well. Let me ask you, can you relate to any of these things you may say in a typical day?  I get rejection all the time. When I cold call or network, people don’t really want to talk to me. Cold calling doesn’t work. […]

10 Unusual Success Tips

10 TIPS TO ACHIEVE JOY, FULFILLMENT AND SUCCESS SUCCESS WITH JOY AND FULFILLMENT The growth mindset is the key, and no matter how much raw talent you may have, someone who persistently and continually improves will race past you before long. So the sooner you embrace the growth mindset, the sooner you’ll reach your full […]

Your Story Wrap-Up

GREAT COMMUNICATION SECRETS – Part 2 YOUR STORY WRAP-UP This is Peter Beckenham, the Village Marketer and I’m excited because this session brings the whole section of creating and optimizing your signature talk presentations to a completion. And now, I hope that you can understand, why I have so highly regarded my presentation mentors, Pete […]

Selling From The Stage

GREAT COMMUNICATION SECRETS – Part 2 SELLING FROM THE STAGE As we’ve covered previously, there are stages where you can’t make an offer but today our focus is on how you can make an offer and sell from the stage. So in this session, we want to accomplish “How do you craft the back end […]

Maximizing Call To Action

GREAT COMMUNICATION SECRETS – Part 2 MAXIMIZING CALL TO ACTION In this session, we are talking about maximizing the results of your presentation, and getting the audience to want to engage with you after your presentation when you cannot make any offers or sell anything This is why your call to action is so important. […]