4 Steps to a More Valuable You

HOW TO BECOME A MORE VALUABLE YOU? Today I am sharing with you 4 steps to becoming a more valuable person in the minds of your prospects.  “WORK FROM HOME” may become a permanent way you do business in future and your online success requires specific skills  They are: EMPATHIZE ENGAGE EDUCATE EMPOWER Plus Communicate, […]

Sales Psychology

SALES PSYCHOLOGY – SHOOTIN’ THE BREEZE ABOUT SALES With the Coronavirus and the economic meltdown, things look pretty grim. This is the time to skill up because everyone needs to learn to teach and sell ONLINE. Why? For small business owners’ sales psychology is critical to your future so stop feeling bad about the term “sales.” For solopreneurs […]

Sales Tips

4 RARELY SHARED SALES TIPS I could have called this 4 Sales Secrets (The Pros Don’t Want You to Know) You see, there are certain ideas in sales—you could even call them sales secrets—that marketing pros don’t want you to know about. Why? Because once more people start to understand how these sales secrets work, […]

How to Handle Phone Fear

HOW TO HANDLE PHONE FEAR? I hear this all the time… ”I’m afraid of picking up the phone. You’re not afraid of the phone, you’re afraid of the rejection that might come with picking up the phone and making the sales call.  Truthfully if you can’t overcome this fear of rejection, you’ll never succeed in […]

Social Selling

Social Selling Statistics There are statistics and statistics and the sales stats below are the cream of the crop. They’re eye-popping, motivational, and they’ll have you selling like Joe Girard in no time flat. Posts with videos can generate engagement rates of 50% or more. (Databox) 80% of sales are made by 20% of salespeople. […]

Home Truths About Network Marketing

Network Marketing Home Truths I learned the following laws/home truths of network marketing from master network marketer by the name of Matt Morris and just had to share it with you Every professional network marketer’s dream is this… It’s that magical phase of momentum when exponential growth kicks in… When duplication goes crazy and you […]

Sales Triggers

10 Essential Sales Triggers You MUST Know! Not happy with your sales results? Lack of sales can be very distressing and worrying We all have sales slumps that’s for sure Hopefully, you can recover from these stressful situations Sadly many people never get out of these slumps. And they go out of business because they […]

Sales Conversations

How to Have a Perfect Sales Conversation? Not a sales call – it’s a conversation Preparation – research, qualification Connect/Rapport – What motivated you to meet with me today? Engage/agenda – Exactly. What are you trying to accomplish today? Explore – open-ended questions – where are you today and where do you want to be? […]

Attraction Marketing Lessons Learned from Potatoes

How to Passively Attract Customers? It may surprise you but there are some massively important marketing lessons we can learn from potatoes.  And once you put into practice this fundamental economic principle, you’ll have qualified prospects beating down your door wanting to hear all about your business. In fact, it’s really simple but many marketers […]

Connect With Customers

How to Closely Connect with Customers? What we’re really talking about is how to have effective communication with your sales prospects and existing customers? The art of selling is so dependent on transparent and believable information exchange, so marketers must be effective communicators.  Communication skills is an art that can be learned and when you […]