Sales Tips

4 RARELY SHARED SALES TIPS I could have called this 4 Sales Secrets (The Pros Don’t Want You to Know) You see, there are certain ideas in sales—you could even call them sales secrets—that marketing pros don’t want you to know about. Why? Because once more people start to understand how these sales secrets work, […]

How to Handle Phone Fear

HOW TO HANDLE PHONE FEAR? I hear this all the time… ”I’m afraid of picking up the phone. You’re not afraid of the phone, you’re afraid of the rejection that might come with picking up the phone and making the sales call.  Truthfully if you can’t overcome this fear of rejection, you’ll never succeed in […]

Business or Hobby

DO YOU OWN A BUSINESS OR A HOBBY? This will really challenge you, but in a constructive way, as I take you through an awareness of whether you’re being a business owner or a hobbyist. Be absolutely honest when you answer these questions as they can and will determine your success in business. Do you […]

Weeding Your Life & Biz?

ARE YOU WEEDING YOUR GARDEN? If you have a business is it really working out for you? If you look at your life If you look at what’s around you Is it all that you hoped for? The problem could be your garden needs weeding And your garden is both you and your business interests. […]

How To Overcome Procrastination?

HOW TO BEAT PROCRASTINATION? If you’re reading this there is a good chance you’re putting something off You’re reading and watching me and I’m watching you procrastinate maybe. Do you have lots of plans in your head that you never get around to doing? If you say you’re going to do them then it’s up […]

10 Common Sense Sales Tips

10 COMMON SENSE SALES TIPS If your sale results are not what you hoped for then it’s crunch time for you. There is still time to reverse your results but time is against you For sure you may have a zillion questions running around your head so it’s time to take a long, hard look […]

Ancient Marketing Advice

ADVICE FROM A 73-YEAR-OLD MARKETER Do you feel like you’re overwhelmingly busy? Never have enough time? Barely have time to do even simple tasks like cooking a meal or completing your daily to-do list. Then something is wrong. You may not have as much time as you think You need to listen to some ancient […]