attract more customers

Attract More Customers

ATTRACT MORE CUSTOMERS BY KEEPING THINGS PERSONAL Attract more customers by keeping things personal is a simple yet powerful philosophy of my sales coaching and mentoring. Many thanks to Desi Perez and Leneke Pearce of the Eagles Elite Team for allowing me to share some of my recent sales training with them. People buy people […]

perfect customer

Perfect Customer

PERFECT CUSTOMER CHECKLIST Before you can start thinking about getting more customers… Better start working out what exactly an ideal customer is for you. When you think about it this way, the entire concept is quite simple: Yes, your ideal customer is one who gets exactly what they want from what you are offering Makes […]

sales without selling

Sales With No Selling

SALES WITHOUT SELLING YOUR SOUL For many marketers sales without selling is a refreshing new approach that in fact, I’ve been successfully practicing for more than 36 years. Sales without selling your soul is all about selling from your heart. Want to empower more people to say “yes” to what you offer without feeling as […]