increase your influence

Increase Your Influence

PRACTICAL WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR INFLUENCE Your influence determines your impact With influence comes credibility and perceived levels of authority. Building your influence is not rocket science but it does take time to research exactly what leaders in your niche are doing and then re-engineer this “free consultancy training” to reflect your values in getting […]

High Ticket Sales Calls

HOW TO BOOK HIGH TICKET SALES CALLS If your email marketing experiences have been less than encouraging and… You’d like to know how to use a follow-up sequence to optimize the number of subscribers that will hop on a sales call with you then this webinar is for you There is nothing for sale and […]

Emails That Work Wonders

EMAILS THAT WORK WONDERS If your email marketing experiences have been less than encouraging and… You’d like to know: “How do I write emails without sounding salesy?” “How to get people to open my emails?” “How do I generate engagement with and responses from my emails?” “How can I permanently eliminate writer’s block? “How to […]

building an audience

Building An Audience

BUILDING AN AUDIENCE Life is tough as an entrepreneur. Let’s keep life and business SIMPLE. To keep your business growing you need leads How you get those leads and the quality of them will greatly determine if you stay in business. Apart from actually buying them via paid promotions, have you ever considered leveraging other […]

Voice Messages

MESSAGING MOMENTS WITH VOICE CLIPS Social media messaging is powerful but often used all the wrong way. Messaging moments is where you create a memorable experience with a stranger who does not expect what you share with them. Voice messages are the key The secret to messaging moments is to have a mindset that is […]

10 Things To Never Forget

10 THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER FORGET Life is tough as an entrepreneur. Let’s keep life and business SIMPLE. Don’t get all tied up and confused with “funnels” and the latest “strategies” or “breakthroughs.” To keep things in perspective and to avoid the “shiny object syndrome” that has impacted all of us at times, always view […]

stop beating yourself

Stop Beating Yourself Up

STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP IN BUSINESS Life is tough as an entrepreneur. The big question is… Are you ready for the challenges ahead? There are some things you can do to make things a lot easier. This may surprise you but being kind to yourself is essential to your business success Your entrepreneurial journey is […]

the f word

The F Word

IS THE “F” WORD KEEPING YOU STUCK? No buzzword gets more attention than the word SUCCESS. People spend hours, months, and years in the search for success The reality is many never persist long enough to achieve success. Why? Because of one fundamental element of success – FAILURE. Watch this little video “Is the  F […]

swapping stories

Swapping Stories

SWAPPING STORIES WITH A MASTER STORYTELLER Delighted to share an enjoyable story swapping conversation I had with Andrew Thorp Andrew is not only a Master Storyteller but also a Leadership Coach, a TED speaker, and an accomplished author including his “The Storytelling Manifesto” Enjoy this conversation between 2 kindred spirits who have never met face […]

Creating Irresistible Offers

CREATING AN IRRESISTIBLE OFFER DO THIS FIRST: Please make sure you download the audio training below plus Creating an Irresistible Offer AND Creating an Irresistible Offer CHECKLIST You will need the audio and a printout of the checklist to complete the training. Today I want to walk you through step-by-step, how to create an irresistible […]