Organic Marketing

PERSONALIZED ORGANIC MARKETING Your future success on social media is to have a highly personalized strategy. Your key issue is that there are over 2.5 BILLION users on Facebook, So much competition….and no one knows you exist Your personalized strategy means your content needs to be conversational, meaningful, impactful, and relevant Post content that creates […]

Social Media Swipe File

YOUR AWESOME SOCIAL MEDIA SWIPE FILE What is the hardest part of using social media to promote business?¬† In many small businesses creating content and coming up with ideas is at the top of the list. Just finding time to create content is difficult enough, let alone creating valuable content that will engage and grow […]

Simple Content Creation

SIMPLE CONTENT CREATION Time to boost your lead generation potential¬† Do you have a problem with people on social media ignoring you and your posts? I’m not talking about the “ego-driven” # of likes but rather the number of your ideal prospects who are reaching out to you based on the value you shared in […]

Most Bloggers Are Broke!

Let me start by saying the title of this post is accurate but it does not have to be your potential if you want to be one of the successful bloggers of your niche. Like everything else there are winners and losers in blogging and this post is aimed squarely at showing you the reality […]