success questions

Success Questions

10 QUESTIONS FOR YOUR SUCCESS  One great way to learn how to succeed is to hear how other people did it and follow their leads. So if you ever got to pick the brain of Warren Buffett, Shonda Rhimes, or Megan Rapinoe, do you know what you’d ask? Don’t lie: some of you already do, […]

Lead Generation

3 STEP LEAD GEN PROCESS  If you want a lead generation system that works then you need to do one important thing before anything else… STOP looking for leads and start looking at “conversations” The key is to position yourself as a person of interest and authority. You need to cover the following critical steps: […]

Prospect Conversations

HOW TO CREATE CONVERSATIONS WITH PROSPECTS? This is not a step-by-step “how-to” but rather some thoughts that hopefully will guide you as to how best to initiate conversations with potential clients for your services. As a small business, you’re trying to build relationships with potential buyers. People buy from people they know, like, and trust. […]


HOW TO GET MORE PEOPLE TO SAY YES? Discover the simple framework that empowers more people to excitedly say YES more often to your offers and solutions. Once you know this framework of questions prospects and clients will feel empowered to be more open with you, share more information with you, enabling them to build […]