Conversational Sales Guide

CONVERSATIONAL SALES SCRIPT GUIDE  In this document valued at nearly $600, I am giving you a range of related resources that will give you the ability to hold sales conversations (discovery calls) with any type of potential customer. You just need to adapt the simple wording (not the framework) to suit your specific market niche […]

Influencing Prospects

HOW TO INFLUENCE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS?  Sales is all about change. It’s about helping people to get clarity about what they really want so that they can go from where they are—their current state (“their hell”) to a new and better place—their future state (“their heaven”) or what we can call their “desired destination”. Research has […]

Your Ultimate Scripts

YOUR ULTIMATE SCRIPT CHECKLIST  Imagine knowing exactly what to say, every time you spoke with a prospect… Timing is everything. Think about it… If you knew exactly what to say to every person you connected with and when to say it, you could: Easily overcome silly objections and excuses that stop people from getting started… […]

Conversation Starter Ideas

CONVERSATION STARTER IDEAS  Getting people to engage on social media with your brand is like finding the Holy Grail. But how do you achieve this? How do you get that magical conversion ball rolling? Firstly, forget about the conversion ball, and start working on the conversation ball. To save you some time check out this […]

engagement creates communication

Are You Engaged Yet?

Communication is critical for entrepreneurs and I’d suggest it’s almost impossible to build any business if you don’t communicate.  But it’s HOW you communicate that will determine if you succeed or fail in your online (and offline) business.   Look at your last blog post, blog comment, video, Facebook chat or even the last email […]