Your Presentation Set-Up

GREAT COMMUNICATION SECRETS – Part 2 GETTING YOUR SET-UP RIGHT Hi, everybody. I’m Peter Beckenham, the Village Marketer, and welcome to the first session of Great Communication Secret Part 2. We’re about to start learning how to maximize the use of the awesome signature talk/presentation, you created in part 1 of Great Communication Secrets And […]

Signature Talk – Pulling It All Together

GREAT COMMUNICATION SECRETS PULLING IT ALL TOGETHER My final message to you – when it comes to delivering your signature talk, do it with enthusiasm and confidence – that the contagious bit! So, if you’ve been going along through the process with me, you now have clarity on who you serve and the problem that […]

Call to Action

GREAT COMMUNICATION SECRETS CALL TO ACTION + YOUR CLOSING HEART STORY We have talked about the opening heart story and the head or content portion of your presentation. In this session we’re going to talk about the last two sections of your presentation, the hands or call to action, and the closing heart story. The […]

Your Signature Talk Content

GREAT COMMUNICATION SECRETS YOUR SIGNATURE TALK CONTENT I’d like to talk to you in this session about the second of the four sections of your presentation. The first section we covered was the opening heart segment. And now we’re going to talk about the head section or the content that you’re going to teach the […]

Your Opening Heart Story

GREAT COMMUNICATION SECRETS YOUR OPENING HEART STORY It is time to start crafting your signature talk presentation. There are four parts to a signature presentation and the first is the opening heart story. Now, some people start right away with their content. But I want to encourage you to include something before you break into […]

Making Money Online: It’s Not That Easy

Many studies show there is less than a 5% chance that anyone starting attempting to making money online will survive 120 days let alone make any money. Most newbies experience an initial excitement followed quickly by a seemingly ever-increasing need to spend more and more of their limited funds to make up for their failure […]