Your Signature Talk Content

GREAT COMMUNICATION SECRETS YOUR SIGNATURE TALK CONTENT I’d like to talk to you in this session about the second of the four sections of your presentation. The first section we covered was the opening heart segment. And now we’re going to talk about the head section or the content that you’re going to teach the […]

Your Opening Heart Story

GREAT COMMUNICATION SECRETS YOUR OPENING HEART STORY It is time to start crafting your signature talk presentation. There are four parts to a signature presentation and the first is the opening heart story. Now, some people start right away with their content. But I want to encourage you to include something before you break into […]

Clarity In Communication

GREAT COMMUNICATION SECRETS CLARITY – KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE I’m excited to share what 2 of my mentors, Pete Vargas and Pat Quinn from “Advance Your Reach” taught us about how to get started putting together your signature talk presentation that, by the way, will become the #1 marketing tool in your toolbox. TWO IMPORTANT BITS […]

10X Your Sales

10X YOUR SALES WITH NO PITCHING! In this blueprint I want to share with you a way to use conversational selling to build rapport and perceived value with a prospective customer and as a result 10X your sales. There will be no pitching at all and we’ll use the same questioning and active listening techniques […]

Setting The Criteria

SETTING THE CRITERIA When speaking to your audience (of 1 or many in any format) one powerful way to differentiate yourself from your competition is to be the one who “sets the criteria” In your signature talk presentation rather than trying to convince people to buy, you focus on giving real value. Real value means […]

Great Communication Secrets Part 1

GREAT COMMUNICATION SECRETS PART 1 Everyone can become a great communicator – it’s not whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert. It’s all about connecting with your audience in an authentic and unique way. In this series of Great Communication Secrets, there are 2 PDFs and 1 MP3 audio and together they will take you […]

Your Signature Talk

GREAT COMMUNICATION SECRETS YOUR SIGNATURE TALK When communicating with potential clients always lead with heart-based compassion and empathy. Compassion leads to real connections. One of the key communication skills is having what is referred to as a signature talk – a signature presentation. I was lucky enough to learn some awesome communication skills from 2 […]

Communicating with Compassion

COMMUNICATING WITH COMPASSION When communicating with potential clients always lead with heart-based compassion and empathy. Compassion leads to real connections. Start your sales conversations NOT with cheesy sales pitches, or cutting to the chase to quickly share what you have to offer or using cash earnings or savings potentials. This is traditional last century sales […]

Moments of Truth

MOMENTS OF TRUTH I thought I’d share this as we all have moments with potential clients when we really do need to sit them down and have a moment of truth with them. We want them to come clean with themselves as well as us, about why they are deferring a decision to accept your […]


YOUR SELF-IMAGE & YOUR SALES POTENTIAL YOU can decide on what you want to believe and think. We think and feel in images so why not adopt a “winning feeling” rather than a “loser feeling” – it takes the same amount of effort and a winning feeling can help you overcome the fear of failure […]