Conversational Sales Guide

CONVERSATIONAL SALES SCRIPT GUIDE  In this document valued at nearly $600, I am giving you a range of related resources that will give you the ability to hold sales conversations (discovery calls) with any type of potential customer. You just need to adapt the simple wording (not the framework) to suit your specific market niche […]

Influencing Prospects

HOW TO INFLUENCE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS?  Sales is all about change. It’s about helping people to get clarity about what they really want so that they can go from where they are—their current state (“their hell”) to a new and better place—their future state (“their heaven”) or what we can call their “desired destination”. Research has […]

Your Ultimate Scripts

YOUR ULTIMATE SCRIPT CHECKLIST  Imagine knowing exactly what to say, every time you spoke with a prospect… Timing is everything. Think about it… If you knew exactly what to say to every person you connected with and when to say it, you could: Easily overcome silly objections and excuses that stop people from getting started… […]

Discovery Calls

DISCOVERY CALLS – MARKETING FOCUS  Time to take control of your sales conversations. Make every discovery session you hold one that provides memorable value and helps the prospect to enjoy their buying journey with you. Be aware that some people will be thinking that your discovery session is really just a sales pitch. Are your […]

Discovery Call Checklist

DISCOVERY CALL CHECKLIST  WANT TO DOUBLE YOUR CONVERSIONS? The most important sales conversation that you will have with your prospects is the FIRST one. Muck this up and you’re dead in the water… You not only need a solid structure for this call but also an airtight discovery call checklist. This will definitely increase your […]

Marketing That Works

MARKETING THAT WORKS  You create blog posts consistently. You tweet like crazy. You may even post daily podcasts. You share your content everywhere. You create endless YouTube videos. You build a presence on Instagram, Slideshare, and Pinterest. Yep, you’ve done all this, and yep, fingers crossed, you hope that you build a tribe that loves […]

Conversation Starter Ideas

CONVERSATION STARTER IDEAS  Getting people to engage on social media with your brand is like finding the Holy Grail. But how do you achieve this? How do you get that magical conversion ball rolling? Firstly, forget about the conversion ball, and start working on the conversation ball. To save you some time check out this […]

success questions

Success Questions

10 QUESTIONS FOR YOUR SUCCESS  One great way to learn how to succeed is to hear how other people did it and follow their leads. So if you ever got to pick the brain of Warren Buffett, Shonda Rhimes, or Megan Rapinoe, do you know what you’d ask? Don’t lie: some of you already do, […]

Lead Generation

3 STEP LEAD GEN PROCESS  If you want a lead generation system that works then you need to do one important thing before anything else… STOP looking for leads and start looking at “conversations” The key is to position yourself as a person of interest and authority. You need to cover the following critical steps: […]

Attraction Messaging

ATTRACTION-BASED MESSAGING  For any social media messaging to be effective, you have to identify what your ideal clients want MOST You must get this right. Then FOCUS on that ONE thing they want most and give it to them Not what you think they NEED but what they think they WANT. If you can’t get […]