Sales Triggers

10 Essential Sales Triggers You MUST Know! Not happy with your sales results? Lack of sales can be very distressing and worrying We all have sales slumps that’s for sure Hopefully, you can recover from these stressful situations Sadly many people never get out of these slumps. And they go out of business because they […]

Sales Conversations

How to Have a Perfect Sales Conversation? Not a sales call – it’s a conversation Preparation – research, qualification Connect/Rapport – What motivated you to meet with me today? Engage/agenda – Exactly. What are you trying to accomplish today? Explore – open-ended questions – where are you today and where do you want to be? […]

Attraction Marketing Lessons Learned from Potatoes

How to Passively Attract Customers? It may surprise you but there are some massively important marketing lessons we can learn from potatoes.  And once you put into practice this fundamental economic principle, you’ll have qualified prospects beating down your door wanting to hear all about your business. In fact, it’s really simple but many marketers […]

Connect With Customers

How to Closely Connect with Customers? What we’re really talking about is how to have effective communication with your sales prospects and existing customers? The art of selling is so dependent on transparent and believable information exchange, so marketers must be effective communicators.  Communication skills is an art that can be learned and when you […]

Want More Customers?

Want More Customers? Who Wants More Customers?  What a question – we all want more customers right? Not just more customers but the right customers I learned this many years ago from awesome marketers like Dan Kennedy and Dan Lok So how can you get more of the right customers? One huge mistake is that […]

Make More Sales More Often

My Invitation to You – under the video you’ll find a complimentary 15-minute meeting offer to share 1 of your biggest sales challenges Want to make more sales more often? Of course, you do. But did you know that 60% of all sales transactions occur after 4th interaction/contact? But… 44% of small businesses quit after […]

Have Fun With Your Sales

My Invitation to You – under the video you’ll find a complimentary 15-minute meeting offer to share 1 of your biggest sales challenges If you are not having fun, chances are your prospects aren’t either.  What would you say if you could sell more, but with less stress and effort? Happily, there’s little mystery to […]

10 Common Sense Sales Tips

10 COMMON SENSE SALES TIPS If your sale results are not what you hoped for then it’s crunch time for you. There is still time to reverse your results but time is against you For sure you may have a zillion questions running around your head so it’s time to take a long, hard look […]

Why Prospects Say No

DISCOVER WHY YOUR PROSPECTS SAY NO Hearing “no” once is frustrating. But hearing it 5, 10, or 50 times in a row? How off-putting, how shattering, how frustrating can that possibly be> Yep with this sort of reaction, you sure can kiss your confidence goodbye. And yes I’ve heard all the reasons why… You’ll discover […]

Sell From Your Heart

WHY YOU MUST SELL FROM YOUR HEART? Sales is an act of love and service.  You need to listen to people’s stories, find out what is not working for them, inspire them, guide them, and help them make the very best buying decision Stop thinking about selling and closing your prospects – instead, think about […]