Make Massive Sales

6 STEPS TO MAKE MASSIVE SALES Many marketers are asking all the wrong questions Can you tell me how to get more qualified traffic? How can I get better quality leads? How can I get more sales? Is there an easy way to convert prospects? The key issue is – you are not making enough […]

Discovery Sessions

FIRST 6 STEPS OF A DISCOVERY SESSION And yes there is one more step, the “enrollment” of a new client and I’ll cover that in a separate video. However, below you’ll find a direct download of “Your Discovery Call Checklist” that gives you many of the “enrollment-type” questions you can ask any prospects as long […]

Sales Conversation

5 STEPS FOR SUCCESSFUL SALES CONVERSATIONS These 5 steps for successful sales conversations were pioneered by 2 of my mentors, Bill Baren and Christian Mickelsen. The 5 steps for successful sales conversations are based on empathy, engagement, education, and empowerment. Here is another sales conversation video you may find helpful  Watch this video to learn […]

Ask for Appointment

HOW TO ASK FOR AN APPOINTMENT? Not enough qualified leads Not enough sales conversations Not enough cash flow Spinning wheels and losing confidence Ring any bells? If any of this sounds like you then watch this video “How to Ask for An Appointment?” Also, check this post called “Sales Psychology” Need to Talk Things Through? […]

4 Steps to a More Valuable You

HOW TO BECOME A MORE VALUABLE YOU? Today I am sharing with you 4 steps to becoming a more valuable person in the minds of your prospects.  “WORK FROM HOME” may become a permanent way you do business in future and your online success requires specific skills  They are: EMPATHIZE ENGAGE EDUCATE EMPOWER Plus Communicate, […]

Sales Psychology

SALES PSYCHOLOGY – SHOOTIN’ THE BREEZE ABOUT SALES With the Coronavirus and the economic meltdown, things look pretty grim. This is the time to skill up because everyone needs to learn to teach and sell ONLINE. Why? For small business owners’ sales psychology is critical to your future so stop feeling bad about the term “sales.” For solopreneurs […]

Sales Tips

4 RARELY SHARED SALES TIPS I could have called this 4 Sales Secrets (The Pros Don’t Want You to Know) You see, there are certain ideas in sales—you could even call them sales secrets—that marketing pros don’t want you to know about. Why? Because once more people start to understand how these sales secrets work, […]

How to Handle Phone Fear

HOW TO HANDLE PHONE FEAR? I hear this all the time… ”I’m afraid of picking up the phone. You’re not afraid of the phone, you’re afraid of the rejection that might come with picking up the phone and making the sales call.  Truthfully if you can’t overcome this fear of rejection, you’ll never succeed in […]

Social Selling

Social Selling Statistics There are statistics and statistics and the sales stats below are the cream of the crop. They’re eye-popping, motivational, and they’ll have you selling like Joe Girard in no time flat. Posts with videos can generate engagement rates of 50% or more. (Databox) 80% of sales are made by 20% of salespeople. […]

Sales Mistakes

6 Mistakes That Kill Sales My Invitation to You – under the video you’ll find a complimentary 15-minute meeting offer to share 1 of your biggest sales challenges. What’s your impression of a typical salesperson? Pushy or helping people, fast or slow talkers, very excited and enthusiastic or calm, after your wallet or sincerely trying […]