7 FREE Ways to Get Customers

7 FREE WAYS TO GET MORE CUSTOMERS Everyone wants more customers, right? But not everyone can afford to spend big and generate leads for their business so today I’m giving you something a little different I’m going to show you how your imperfections and struggles can actually attract new customers. Interested? Then stay with me […]

300 Year Old Sales Tip

300-YEAR-OLD SALES TIP How can discovery about gravity in 1683 send your sales into overdrive? Yes 300 years ago Sir Isaac Newton came up with his laws of motion He said that when you apply force to an object it produces an equal and opposite force Well, so how can this possibly help you with […]

LOL to Sales Success

LOL YOUR WAY TO SALES SUCCESS Messaging has become an important part of our marketing. We all know that LOL commonly means laugh out loud But when people use it in a message it may not mean that Laugh out loud – LOL could mean actually laughing or relaxed, or embarrassed a bit, or enjoying your […]

sales questions

15 Stupid Sales Questions

15 Stupid Sales Questions Let’s be real: Most salespeople are annoying. They view their prospects as numbers in their sales funnel, not as people. They believe earning your business is a chess match and a signed contract means they “won the game.” Remember as a child when parents and teachers encouraged you to ask questions […]

Cool Free Tools

Cool Free Tools

This is the FIRST ever webinar I created a few years ago. If I looked a bit star-struck then you know why! I really enjoyed doing the research phase for these “Cool FREE Tools” and I hope you find these resources helpful and of some help. The webinar goes for about 40 minutes so please […]

Sales Funnel Secret Success Formula

A Great Sales Funnel Has Traffic + Conversions = Sales Revenue This is the simple secret success formula of any sales funnel. An effective sales funnel includes : Getting targeted traffic To a valuable targeted offer That is optimized to convert So that you can makes sales and create profits This is the formula that […]

When Do You Say No?

For simple peace of mind I needed to deliver this important message to you today. I know you receive many communications promoting all sorts of offers but please don’t judge this message as ‘another one of those exaggerated offers” Saying no here would be a huge mistake. Yes I am compensated when you accept this […]